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5nl 6 max - not profitablke in the long run?

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  • 5nl 6 max - not profitablke in the long run?

    So I am sitting there with my modest J9s in the button and #fischigespieler limps in CO, I want to use my position to isolate him cheaply and get to the post flop with him, but SB places a big bet. CO limper runs for the hills and I opt to call. (good price to call or do you favor a fold?). The flop is what dreams are made of and SB bets 50%. I figured if he invested already so much in a pf bet + cbet he prob won't be shy by putting the rest in and I ship, what in his eyes might look like a bluff, and if he's holding Ac, Kc, Qc or maybe any other c he'll be very tempted to call (in which case I am in bad shape against the overcards as a flush draw, but tiny chance). Too aggressive? Bad way of thinking? Not a plus EV play in the long run? Should I slowplay the flush and reevaluate? Or just try to extract max value with hands like this?
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    You iso-bet is way too low !!. make it like 20, 25

    SB's bet is huge but he is seeing basically 2 limps in front and may just wants to iso one of them and wants to start building a big pot. Or it's a total bluff...

    Dreamflop indeed. I like your shove. If you raise, you would be potcommitted anyway so shove is good, imo. It does look a little bluffy, that's deffo one of the reasons


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      Hmmmm, for starters. Why aren't we full stacked here? No offense but you're a bit of a #fischigespieler yourself by not being full stacked... Just joking!

      Here's what I would do preflop. Raise the limper to a minimum of 0.15, you could opt for 0.20 or 0.25. When the SB makes it 0.50... this screams to me that he has TT-JJ, AK type hands. Maybe QQ, KK, AA.

      JJ-TT,AKs,AKo (we have 34.45% equity)
      TT+,AKs,AKo (we have 28% equity)

      So calling his raise here isn't going to be good. Maybe if we were both 100bb effectively then this might be a call but it's pretty thin.

      AS PLAYED...
      OTF: Shove is pretty much our only option on this wet of a board and with the stack sizes that are in play.
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        I forgot to mention... i would fold to his 3bet, always..


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          you're not going to isolate anybody by min betting in a limped pot. If I was raising here I would make it .20 or .25 to go and fold to 3 bets. if you're going to min raise you can save some chips by just calling and taking a flop, you can even over limp call a 2 bet in pos. with a suited and connected hand like this.

          post flop I think the 2 bet shove is ok, I would have over limped called a bet and played it in pos. post flop.
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            Make sure you're playing a full stack, especially when you have a #fischigespieler on your right, you want to take advantage of this situation as much as possible! If you haven't got the bankroll to auto top-up, you shouldn't be playing at that limit.

            I like your idea of iso-raising against the #fischigespieler, but your sizing is a bad way of trying to accomplish this. A typical raise size would be your normal opening size + 1BB for the limper, but in order to try and discourage the blinds of entering, you can even go slightly bigger, something like $0.20 -$0.25 looks decent.

            Facing such a large 3Bet, you aren't getting anywhere near the implied odds to call with your suited one-gapper, the effective stack is only 7x the size of the raise - the normal recommendation for a hand like this is that you need the effective stack to be about 20x the size of the bet to make a profitable call.

            I like your flop shove, villain's not going to fold any of his overpairs or hands Ac/Kc in them and if he doesn't have any of those foldings, he wouldn't put any more money in the pot after the flop if you just called anyway.


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              Thank you Andy,

              And thank you guys for all the comments. I was wondering how lousy this hand was played, on a scale from whale to shark I guess I am getting the pf whale prize and flop play shark award. thanks for clarifying. All agreed and noted.
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