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50nl - 3 Barrel

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  • 50nl - 3 Barrel

    Stats VPIP: 23, PFR: 17, 3B: 7, AF: 2.2, Hands: 249 Villain is a 50nl reg. Very taggy over a relatively small sample. It's a close open but I think its fine given the bb is a fish. Pretty standard flop cbet in my opinion. Since he called pre I expect him to have a lot of PPs here, not a whole lot of 5x. The 2 is a good turn for our range. We have 10 outs vs 77-99 as well as flush cards which I dont expect him to have very often (given we hold to Ac) so I decide to barrel. Also, since we did open MP we should have a strong range with OPs etc. Since I have the nut blocker and where we are in our range I think it's a good spot to 3 barrel. Thoughts?
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    I think it's ok. Your line looks SUPER value ish. The run out isn't that great to triple barrel but I still think it's ok. Only thing is I don't think that this villain is folding TT+ and all made flushes obviously.

    But I also don't know if they're 3betting TT-JJ vs. your MP open.


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      Originally posted by dirt eh View Post
      IOnly thing is I don't think that this villain is folding TT+ and all made flushes obviously.
      I meant that if I hit a club it's an 'out' because I can rep it and he has a lot less flushdraws in his range given i have the Ac.


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        Originally posted by birdayy View Post
        I meant that if I hit a club it's an 'out' because I can rep it and he has a lot less flushdraws in his range given i have the Ac.
        Yeah I know what you're saying, but when players fire 2 streets on nut draws and get there OTR and fire again. They are more likely to get paid off. So as a villain the club on the river doesn't really help your case with the triple barrel.

        I also think that once you fire all three streets here. Your hand looks like AA, KK or air, so depending on this villain's tendencies, I think they're call the third barrel pretty wide.

        I mean, in theory, yes I think this play is fine, but for this board run out I believe that you're going to get more calls than folds even though we have the nut flush blocker.


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          Just looking at this hand again... I think you're only folding out pocket 44s and 66s here.


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            No... my range to triple this board is ~TT+ so him calling with 88 and 99 would be a pretty big mistake vs my tripling value range.


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              I like the double barrel, vs his range here he really can't continue without a pair, but once he calls the turn bet I am just done with the hand. I don't think he is calling two streets with air and I don't think he is folding to a river bet.

              I am really not putting him on a draw here I really think he has 88-AA and maybe a set of 3's

              I don't think your range really looks like TT+ here either and if you think it does then even more reason to X/fold river, I mean on a dry flop I expect a c bet from KTs+ 66+ and pretty much any other broadway hand or pp
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                Originally posted by birdayy View Post
                No... my range to triple this board is ~TT+ so him calling with 88 and 99 would be a pretty big mistake vs my tripling value range.
                I understand that, but we all make mistakes. Has this villain seen you run triple barrel bluffs before? How often are you triple barreling?

                I'm currently tripling at a VERY HIGH frequency. (65) So I tend to get called pretty light, which is nice!

                However, stat wise he only has 249 hands on you so he won't be able to use a rBet stat vs. you effectively.

                As I said before, I THINK YOUR PLAY IS "EH" OK!


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                  Hey birdayy!

                  I'll leave this post open, but here are my thoughts. I don't feel this is the best flop to cbet as it doesn't hit either of your ranges. We aren't getting any hands we are beating (pocket pairs primarily) to fold and we aren't getting too many hands we are beating to call. I would have checked the flop.

                  As played, I do like barreling the river repping a flush. It is about the only hand that really fits with your bet-bet-bet line and betting is the only way you are going to win the pot.

                  All in all it looks like an unnecessarily high risk line. Opening with A10o seems fine, but the plan was to take advantage of the fish in the bb. It looks like you may have forgotten the plan, but got saved by a good river.

                  GL! I hope to see you again on the regular tables

                  Roland GTX


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                    I think it's OK, given the runout. If the river is an offsuit blank, I presume/hope you're giving up?
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                      Preflop open is fine I don't think we need to worry about it being a fold. I would 3X though, especially if you're justification is the fish in the blinds.

                      "Pretty standard flop cbet in my opinion." How's that?

                      Seems to me we have a villain with a pretty strong range here to cold call out of the small blind with a 6% gap between VPIP and PFR.

                      I think we should strongly consider checking back the flop, because otherwise we will be barreling off too frequently in this spot. Once we bet the flop, our hand is sort of forced to triple barrel, but no bet, turn or river, feels like it has that much fold+real equity. Betting is better than giving up I think, on the turn we can fold AQ and have the outs. The river is obligatory I think on a club, but his folding range is so small and we have to bet so large to get a pair to fold.

                      I'd rather check back the flop


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                        So 10 replies I didn't read

                        The hand open +1 fine c-bet ok. So stats, you haven't been raised yet, turn bet is pushing it and why no raise?

                        The bb is the fish but villain in sb shows post flop aggression and stations oop. Happy bunny.

                        I don't think I'm winning with two overs on the turn and to fire a 3rd barrel?

                        Do you have some sick read going to showdown? I assume you were called and not raised otr. What can call a river raise? A better flush, str8 or boat vs bluff? Re-wind sb doesn't 3bet looks strong JJ+ is still in range.

                        You guys are good I haven't a clue.


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                          A bit later I quickly looked through the posts I didn't read before.

                          The villain sb 3bet range TT+ and then going into... we can represent a similar pre flop open over pair on that low board.

                          Straight and flush low ball is more of a concern to me. An active player just called oop. So what next?


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                            Originally posted by GarethC23 View Post
                            "Pretty standard flop cbet in my opinion." How's that?
                            Given the position we raised from we are going to have an uncapped overpair range whilst he doesn't?

                            We can also get him to fold out AJ, AT and protect our equity from 2 random overs.

                            I'm really not sure now, would you care to elaborate from a range vs range perspective why checking back is more +EV?

                            Barreling also lets us continue with multistreet bluffing but idk if that's a good reason.


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                              I am not sure how important you being uncapped here is at all. If his range is strong and yours has a ton of better hands than this (it does) then you shouldn't be firing 100% of your range. I think this is a good hand with which to give up in this spot, we can fire worse air with backdoors (like our suited connectors) and our value range, but this hand seems good enough to check back and not great to c-bet.



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