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10NL ZOOM, 99 on the BTN vs. 45bb 3b and 200bb CC

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  • 10NL ZOOM, 99 on the BTN vs. 45bb 3b and 200bb CC

    I butchered this hand. How would you play it? SB ZERO HANDS (Mobile Phone) BB(7):14/0/2.0

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    I wouldn't have 4betted but be setmining, probably bet/folding the flop.
    I'm a nit, I know

    Seeing my 4bet being 5betshoved and called(!), I would fold, Setmining now is pretty thin.
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      I think we should just call the 3b IP getting a great price.

      I don't really love going with 99 vs a half stack.

      As played we got all the information we need to fold pre. We are't getting the odds to set mine (which is what 99 is here).

      As played fold turn.


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        never mind I miss read the action
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          Hey everyone, yeah the plan was to ISO get it in vs. the short stacker. I can't really set mine vs. the BB... He's not showing any strength at all by his actions. I think the correct play would have been to just CC IP vs the 3bet, because I definitely opened up a CAN OF WORMS by 4betting here.

          AS PLAYED I THINK I SHOULD HAVE FOLDED PREFLOP vs. the shorties shove and BB cc.


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            Hi dirt,

            I would call the additional .25c and play the flop in position here. We are getting a great price to set mine actually, 15-1 implied we only need another 2.50 to go in post flop, and both villains can provide that. Plus, we are not strictly set mining, we can sometimes win the pot with just our pair of 9's when things go well post flop. Our hand has way too much value to be 4-betting and risk getting blown off it imo.

            As played when it comes back to us, we no longer have a favorable price to set mine, not even close. I'm not sure the strength of our 99 alone merits continuing vs. the BB, who can reasonably have TT/JJ in this spot, as well as numerous overcard combos that we don't know which. I think we should fold now.
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              Thanks Dave. SB had 99 also and BB had QQ!



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