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Limped in, got 15 outs, is it right to call an ALL IN?

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  • Limped in, got 15 outs, is it right to call an ALL IN?

    9 players, i was on BB with 89 suited, someone after me (not very late position) raised to about 3x or 4x BB, i limped in.

    [on the flop],
    i got a outside straight and flush draw:
    community cards are [10,J,low-card] or [6,7,J], whatever looked dry.

    i bet 3xBB, then he re-raised to over 60xBB and was ALL IN,
    any other opponents folded,
    i called. (i thought he might have a big pair or a set at most)

    [turn & river]
    i didn't get my outs

    he showed his KK, and won the pot.

    anyhow,,, Did do the right thing?

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    the determining factor is the pot equity vs hand equity on the flop.

    pot equity = number of chips I need to call divided by the size of the pot after my chips would go into it

    hand equity = number of outs times (4% or 2% from the rule of 4 and 2)... here for an OESD (8 outs) and being all-in, it would be 4% per out since I'm guaranteed to see both streets, so my hand is worth 32%

    If the pot equity is less than 32% then I call. If not, I need to fold.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Ok, that is, The flop gave me a OES and Flush draw, 8 + 9 - 2(duplicated) = 15 outs, is that right?

      So the hand equity is about 60%, and therefore, i should call the all-in

      Thank you very much!



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