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nl10, zoom: AA on the BU vs. potsize donk

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  • nl10, zoom: AA on the BU vs. potsize donk

    Reads: no hud. villain plays 1 table deep stacked PF: Isolated limper from BU and got called by BB and limper. Flop: Dry board and BB donks potsize. I reraised him to see if he has a strong hand. I could only place him on sets, and overpairs of TT,JJ. Turn: AFter being called OTF, I just checked behind for pot control as I may be way behind especially on a dry board. River: Villain again leads big. It seems that villain has quite a strong hand with his betting pattern and sizes. What do you think guys?

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    OTF: I would have just called. No need to raise here.
    OTR: As played I would call this river bet.


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      Originally posted by dirt eh View Post
      OTF: I would have just called. No need to raise here.

      If you called the donk bet, would you call again most likely a big bet OTT? that would then most probably put you committed to the pot then.

      When I reraised OTF, if called or 3bet, I was planning already to fold to a big bet afterwards.


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        I would call another bet OTT. If the villain tripleDONKS then I would have a decision to make, but I would probably call ATW. I've seen unknowns just blindly DONK 3 streets with air. No idea why they do it... Must have read somewhere that they need to play aggressively. LOL

        Why would you be pot committed OTT?
        Last edited by dirt eh; Mon Mar 24, 2014, 06:34 PM.


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          Just call down.


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            There's a chance V3 would lead the flop with a set given his relative position to the initial limper. However this is a very dry flop and he bets too big to get calls from any floats. To me his hand looks more like 9x, 88, TT, JJ, or some gutshots with an over. I would raise flop slightly bigger, enough to let me put the rest in OTT.



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