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2NL 6m zoom. 3 streets of value...Lucky?

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  • 2NL 6m zoom. 3 streets of value...Lucky?

    I got 3 streets of value, but I think I got lucky. This shouldnt be a 3street hand but where should I have checked? flop... turn...river ?

    Pre: opted not to 4bet. Could have, but didn't liked his raise-size.

    Flop, made a standaard cbet. he calls. Could be AQ, could be A-rag or Qx.
    If I x/c i'm pretty much in twilightzone being OOP, am i?
    If I x/r I believe I get called/shove by better hands only and throw away value of all other hands.

    On turn, I make a smallish bet to induce a raise from AQ, A3, 33, QQ that wants to build a pot. I keep any A-rag and Qx in the pot.
    He calls again. Letting me believe he has A-rag or Qx.

    River: pretty good card. If I don't bet, I get shoved on and cannot call that, so I bet for thin value and a little blockage.

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    Originally posted by rkleefstra View Post
    Flop, made a standaard cbet. he calls. Could be AQ, could be A-rag or Qx.
    Er... Unless boom is messed up, you donked into the raiser.
    Since he 3-bet pre, there's a chance he has AA/QQ. I would be check-calling here nearly always, hoping villain has Ax/KK that will give me 2 streets of value, and not AQ/QQ/AA that will take me to Valueville.
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      BOOM is working fine... not sure what Emerald675 is trying to accomplish here thou..

      Have to agree with you, Arty... I'm pretty sure now, I got lucky in this hand


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        Hi rk,

        You are not making a cbet on the flop (you can't), it's a donk bet. I prefer to check/call given that we didn't 4-bet pre and gave up initiative... I think we are going to fold out too many of his 2 out hands by leading here. We'll get called by Ax but his value 3b's with Ax are mostly AK/AQ anyway, and lighter Ax 3-bets would probably bet for us. So let him bet with his TT/JJ hands.

        Turn bet is not smallish, almost 2/3rds pot. I agree on bet/folding the turn though.

        As played with him calling twice, I think we need to bet this river since he seems to be getting sticky with worse hands, many of which will check down if we check... sizing is nice to encourage him to play the hero.
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