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2NL reg table, river set on safe board overbet+call reraise allin

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  • 2NL reg table, river set on safe board overbet+call reraise allin

    2NL reg table
    idk... if i should have folded to that raise OTR or wut

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    I wouldnt 3bet pre-flop against an UTG raise unless I had some sort of read and I am guessing we dont.

    I think the overbet on the river is bad because we are pretty far from the nuts, we are behind to QQ/TT/KJ. I mean, I have done it myself at times, when it was too thin but I usually choose to do it in spots where I have the absolute nuts and villain is very likely to have a second best monster hand.

    We made it easy for him to fist pump shove on us and the only hands we are beating here given the pre-flop action are AA/KK/JJ and a optimistic AK.

    Turn can be a fold sometimes.


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      I agree with bhoylegend. Facing the ep raise, you will do better playing 99 speculatively by just calling. Once you get 4b, you can be quite confident that the villain has a premium hand consisting of a pocket pair better than yours and perhaps AK. This would be easier to range if you gave us your notes on the villain. Being a regular table you should have had ample opportunity to learn someithing about player 4. Since you are both fairly deep, we can call the 4b for set mining. This is not a spot where we want to get fancy though. The villain has a strong hand. Our plan is to flop a set and let him stack off with an overpair.

      I don't mind calling the turn. If we put AK in the villain's 4b range, then calling the small turn bet is fine, but we should fold to a larger bet. Again, a read would help clarify this choice.

      The river is an expensive mistake. I would prefer making a smaller bet, about 50% pot and folding to a raise. By overbetting the pot you valueown yourself. The most likely outcome is that all the hands you are beating will fold which loses you value when you are ahead, and only the hands beating you continue which costs you more when you are behind. Being deep stacked, we need to fold to the all in raise unless we have actually seen the villain overplay overpairs in similar spots.

      GL and have fun at the tables!

      Roland GTX



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