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Kk 2nl

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  • Kk 2nl

    Hi all I really can’t decide whether I should have given up here. I was tempted to shove over him on the tern. Reads are 39/6/0/AF10 over 19 hands Thanks for the help

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    Hi Michae2005!

    Preflop looks great. We don't have many hands on the villain, but notice how passive he is preflop. This flop connects well with his limp-calling range aside from small pairs. Being so passive preflop, I would expect him to be passive with drawing hands postflop and calling with a flush or striaght draw rather than raising. Since he raised, I give him credit for having a strong hand 2p or better. It may sound nitty, but in this spot, I actually prefer to fold to the flop raise, because it is very likely that we will be facing a new bet on the turn and another on the river. You don't have enough outs to call multiple bets with "just a pair" imo.

    If you held the K of diamonds, then I might continue with the hand having the overpair a gutshot straight draw and a possible flush draw. None of these draws are that strong, but all combined should make it profitable. As is, it is none of your outs are clean. So, I would just fold the flop and wait for a better spot. Note: had the villain not been so loose-passive, we might find a different line.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      once u called flop u should have called turn allin also... wasnt that big....if u know wut i mean
      else bet-fold flop


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        Thanks for the feedback. The reason I called the flop raise is because the V AF. I felt he was tring to bet me off the pot. I have just been looking over the hands I do have on him and only 1 went to show down and he didn’t bet till the tern when he hit TP



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