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2$NL 6-MAX AJo fold or crying call ?

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  • 2$NL 6-MAX AJo fold or crying call ?

    villain_6 VP 17 PF 13 AF 3T 4F 3T 1R (300) I don't know if the call on the turn was correct. I did not know what to do on the river Would you call this off ?

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    Gross spot to be in with the second nuts. I think I would have bet the turn. You have TPHK with a high flush draw.

    By checking OTT and letting the villain bet, you now have set yourself up for a XC, XF or it could go X, X and you get zero value.

    I would bet the turn, then bet fold or maybe bet call OTR.

    As played... I don't know what I would do here... Villain is pretty nitty and doesn't seem too aggressive... I guess you have to decided why he's shoving his entire stack in there.

    I just looked at the hand again... I also don't really mind a XR OTT tbh.

    OTR I would call. LOL.


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      I would call on the river myself.

      We might be unlucky and he has the K of hearts but the way the hand played out I think he will often have a set, big Ace, AQ and potentially smaller hearts.


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        Hi guys,

        I would prefer to bet/fold this river tbh. As played I have no qualms about folding for a massive overbet shove into an .81c pot.

        Originally posted by bhoylegend View Post
        but the way the hand played out I think he will often have a set, big Ace, AQ and potentially smaller hearts.
        I think we can rule all these out when he takes this river action. These all have enough showdown value that I doubt a nitty villain will turn them into a bluff.

        And this sizing makes little sense for a bluff, since he could pot it and only be risking .81c. And nits rarely bluff the river. And for this price, we have to catch him bluffing 44% of the time or more.
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          Why did you give up your initiative?

          If something told you you're behind after his flop call just let it go or c/r the turn to semibluff your draw.


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            Yes I agree, I should have bet the turn.
            Why I didn't, I am not sure actually. I was just cautious as to why he called the flop.
            He was playing good poker imo and calling that flop made me put him on either an ace or a draw.
            If he was on an ace, most likely he had a better kicker that I had. And with a draw he got there.
            So I changed to check calling mode as I have some showdown value.
            However the river bet was very surprising to me. I would have called up to 60 cents or so but this huge overbet was really screaming Kh. I didn't feel like he would be bluffing a lot of the times.
            So I folded and we will never know
            But in retrospect, perhaps the play on the turn was a bit conservative and inviting bluffs. Then again, I did call a fairly sized turn bet and I think my opp knew that I would call a normal river bet as well. So yeah that increases the likelihood of a bluff but to be honest, I did not know where I was standing so I took the conservative way out...


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              I would bet the river and fold to re-raise. I also don't understand why you did not bet turn.



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