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10NL 6max - We open JJ folds bb calls Ace high flop - no cbet?

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  • 10NL 6max - We open JJ folds bb calls Ace high flop - no cbet?

    Hi, this is another zoom no reader. The questions are: when do we c-bet an Ace high flop with or without the Ace, then bluffing later streets? We open JJ mp and it folds to the bb who calls. Flop 2cAs8c I have JcJs and don't really like the flop. I don't understand the terminology "dry or wet board" so "slippery when wet". I plan to check flop and bet any blank turn to rep the Ace. Unfortunately the villain leads. I was planning to rep the Ace with a delayed c-bet. OK we had a little dance on the turn and then showdown. Re-wind to a Tc river. The villain can bluff me on the flush card river or rep a set (should value raise a draw!) and I could do the same to them. Anyway, what worse will call and only a bluff will fold. I thought this was a polite negotiation being a bit deeper. So no bully tactics. What do you guys and girls do facing a river bet? When it's checked to us, there is no bluff or value betting now. umbup:
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    I would play this hand the same way you did except for maybe making a small river bet. There arn't many hands for us to get more than one street of value from.

    A wet board is one which is draw heavy and or connects with a wide range of playable hands, a dry board would be the opposite.

    This board would be considered dry, their are no draws except for the flush draw and the only valuable one pair hand would have to connect with the A.


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      River is debatable. You could bet like $0.50 for super thin value. I'd expect QQ+ to 3b pre and any Ax to bet the river after betting the turn given we checked flop, though he may x back A3s or A4s and call a river bet.

      Since his range is so weak I would go really small here.


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        I like the line you took here. This is my default line when I have a big pocket pair and there's an A on board.

        Whether you choose to call a river bet is villain dependent. If you're against an aggressive guy who will try to bluff you off when you show weakness, or maybe trying for some thin value with KT/QT, then you could consider callling.

        However against an unknown 10NL villain, I would assume that they would just give up with their bluffs and check/call with their marginal value hands, as they might well be scared that you played a flush draw like this.

        You could try some some really thin value when it's checked to you, but I just think you're going to be up against some weak Ax so often when he calls and I can't really see him calling with 8x anymore.



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