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QQ OOP 3bet pot Turnraised

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  • QQ OOP 3bet pot Turnraised

    Villain is unknown 0/0 over 4hands

    Im not sure what to do here should i be shipping or is he slow playing AA/KK or JQ open from utg.

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    Readless it's a good fold IMO.

    We showed enormous amounts of strength throughout this hand yet villain is still willing to raise our turn bet.

    Personally I think QJ is unlikely but medium strength PPS like 99-JJ and big pairs like KK-AA can be played this way. I don't believe JJ can find the raise button here so we would only be beating bluffs.


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      good fold. Reraise OTT usually shows a monster hand especially on a drawy wet board.


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        Hey guys thanks for your response yer im happy with the fold now think were crushed here.


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          I completely agree with the comments so far about your postflop line, well played.

          Just for reference, this raise on the turn is reffered to as the "Beluga Theorem" - when you get raised on the turn, you should re-evaluate the strength of your one pair hand, with the implication that you should be folding most of the time. TheLangolier has done a video on some common poker theorems

          I think you could just call preflop. Against an unknown villain, you should assume that his opening range is quite strong. You're in the Small Blind, which is the worst position post-flop, so your range to 3Bet vs a tight opening range is going to be very tight and very strong, so you're only likely to get action from an extremely strong range, maybe even something as tight as TT+ and AK, maybe AQs.

          Just calling also keeps the pot smaller, which isn't a bad thing when you're going to be out of position for the rest of the hand.
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            ok ill defiantly look to calling in the future thanks spand


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              Originally posted by Gingerfish1 View Post
              ok ill defiantly look to calling in the future thanks spand
              I wouldn't make calling oop with QQ my default line here gingerfish, it is pretty much player specific. vs this player 0/0 only over 4 hands, they really haven't shown that they open lite.

              If you have a player that opens a lot of pots 3 betting for value oop is a valid option. I think they were talking about flatting in this particular situation and they can correct me if I am wrong. I agree flatting here is probably the best line, I just don't want to see you miss value in good spots vs an aggro player.

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