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2NL 6max zoom. bottomset 3way

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  • 2NL 6max zoom. bottomset 3way

    I hit bottom set on a wet board so decided to raise big with one player behind me.

    Is this a wise move or should I try to keep flushdraws, Jx, 10x and 2pairs in the pot and bet less or even flatcall?

    question 2:
    I was planning on playing for stacks here if one of them 3bet/shoved. If both shoved I would prob fold.
    Is it oke to play for stacks if one of them 3bets/shoves?
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    Hi rkleefstra!

    In spots like this we want to have a few different thoughts in our head. Firstly, we want to maximize our profit. This means we want to build the pot, but not force people to fold. Secondly, we want to protect our hand by raising enough so that anyone chasing a draw is getting bad odds. Finally, we are deep stacked here so we need to be a bit more careful about stacking off with bottom set.

    So, if we put all these ideas together, I like raising as you did. This board connects with both players ranges so there is a good chance you will get called. At 2NL I wouldn't call the cbet. The board is dangerous and 2nl players tend to call light. Raising will be more profitable in the long run. I do think your raise size is a bit heavy though. I would suggest making it 35c - 39c. Remember, we want to get called as long as we are setting the price.

    Reads on the villain's would make the decision for calling a shove much easier. Weaker players will often stack off with a wide range of hands you are crushing such as tptk, overpairs and drawing hands. Against these players calling will be extremely profitable. If we knew the villain was super nitty, then folding may be best. Without a read and being 2NL, I would be willing to call an all in on the flop in this spot even if both players shove.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX



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