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10NL ZOOM, KK OOP river decision

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  • 10NL ZOOM, KK OOP river decision

    Question, what should our line be OTR? BTN is regular TAG/NIT (TIT) SB is unknown BTN(698):13/12/3.6 TOT 3BET: 6.8 TOT 3BET vs HERO: 17 COLD CALL: 3 I've only seen him take a flop 6 times!

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    I find his line a little weird.

    When he raises the flop it looks like either a strong draw or two pair/sets (Or a bluff). If he is as nitty as the stats suggest then he could call with JJ/TT but he is capable of 3betting too with those hand. He might call with 44 pre.

    He checks behind when the draw actually hits though which, to me at least, seems a little strange. So his flop raise might have been an attempt to take the hand down before another flush/straight card hits.

    Not a lot is said about his post flop tendencies but I think we have the second nuts here. If we think he will either value bet/bluff the river then we could check/call. If he is passive then I don't mind value betting and if he raises it's possibly a fold if we think he only raises with the A of spades.

    Basically, what I am saying here is, I have no idea what the optimal line is.


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      Originally posted by bhoylegend View Post
      Basically, what I am saying here is, I have no idea what the optimal line is.
      umbup: LOL that's why I posted it! I don't have any PostF stats on him! I've only seen him take a flop 6 times!


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        Looks a lot like aces, and seeing his check on the turn, he is not too afraid of a 4th flushcard...

        very tough spot... maybe bet smt like $2,50 and see what happends ?


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          Hi dirt eh

          You have 700 hands on the btn. He is running 13/12. I think it very unlikely that he called preflop with any overpair. This type of player will raise AA and KK pretty much every chance they get preflop. His line looks most like a flopped set but that he has gotten careful once the flush comes and is hoping to improve to a full house. I don't expect him to call the river with any sets, but might with a flopped set of 4s turned flush. On the other hand, I dont expect such a tight player to be too bluffy on the river on this board. Therefore, I think the best line would be to bet the river for value since he would probably check behind with most of his range. Moreover, your hand is too strong to fold to check-fold on the river. So, bet yourself. If he raises, then we can safely fold.

          GL and have fun at the tables!

          Roland GTX



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