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5NL Zoom AK in BB facing CO raise and SB shove - call?

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  • 5NL Zoom AK in BB facing CO raise and SB shove - call?

    Ok, this is possibly not even worth posting, but in general I am still not sure what we do here against relative unknowns. At the time this was CO's first raise in 5 hands. SB is 14/14 over 29 hands (Though I am not sure at this stage what he was at the time of the hand apart from his 3bet), his 3bet was 14% at the time. Call the shove? It doesn't look valuish, it looks like a small pocket pair, or AK for the most part. Some people do this with value hands though? It's generally terrible with value hands though so no-one should really be doing that. HU, I am fairly happy to call, though not exactly fist pumping, but with an unknown quantity behind me I was unsure. Making the call is of course high variance.

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    kinda like that ^

    in all seriousness though it's a mistake folding. i prefer jamming over to isolate though since we are committed.
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      I would probably fold. I think in this spot, I would consider maybe calling with AKs, QQ+. Fold, watch the hand play out and make a note of what the SB 3BAI with. If the CO doesn't call just make a note that the SB 3BAI for 65bb.

      If I opened from the CO and the SB, 3BAI... I'm honestly calling with 99+ and AJ+ lol. In some spots I'm calling with 66+ and AT+ if someone 3BAI or open shoves for 100bb!
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        I'm in kamp "Birdayy".
        Worst case scenario is you call and get shoved on by the players behind you. So you should get all the folding equity you can and go all-in in stead of flatcall.

        against villain_2 it's probably a coinflip but for 40BB, I'm willing to take that shot.


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          I love Jamie Gold's reaction in that gif!

          Like you say bhoy - this is almost never with QQ+, so at worst you're going to be flipping and he's going to show up with some stupid AQ-AT or KQ often enough that we are going to make a ton of money by getting all-in here.

          I think calling is a slight mistake though - we aren't going to fold if V6 comes back over the top, so we might as well just move in to take the dead money and fold out any equity he has.


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            Calling was a mistake, and I was probably playing too many tables for my current mindframe towards the game in all honesty, it wasnt a strategic decision as such just a tap of a button without thinking.

            Strangely, the guy played KK this way, the flop was A high though and all hearts, so I had the hand sewn up nearly on the flop as I had top pair, nut flush draw and was holding one of his potential outs.



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