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Zoom mistery

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  • Zoom mistery

    Anybody else has this, when you do well at regular cash tables and tourneys and sngs, but just suck at zoom. I mean i can get stacks etc. I've been sitting with 300BB or more at lvls up to 25NL but in the end i always wind up losing. Is it just downswing lately or you simply cant stack off so light as at the reg tables? It is like when i fold i think i get bluffed but when i call im often behind. But i can find fold btn at reg tables.

    Or do i simply suck at poker?

    Its hard to say how many hands have i played this year because of two laptops and reinstalling hem and playing on phone etc. But i think somewhere around 100k.

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    What pots are you losing? what size? deep stack pots? mid size pots? I would suggest leaving the table once you reach 200-300bb if you're loosing deep stack pots.

    I've played 140k hands at 10nl zoom... tbh it's my worse stake. I find that there's a ton of unnecessary preflop aggression and the player pool is maaaasssssssive!

    Regular tables definitely have table dynamics that will help you with your winrate and you'll be able to sit right next to a recreational player until you have all of their money. I fall asleep playing regular tables... boring.

    What's your VPIP? I have a few hands on you and it looks really low tbh.


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      Hmm when i think about it tend to loose big river pots. But my blue line went up and up but red line went down so i started playing more aggressive and red line fixed. then i looked and i lost moneyz multiway, so i play more HU pots in position. I now will have a go at leaving table 200bb or deeper and come back with 100 bb.

      Yes i was playing very nitty game, i was running smth like 15/13 maybe or bit lower. Now i am trying to adjust this and steal more, maybe problem is i cant adjust postflop stack off ranges.

      It is weird maybe i am better off playing closer to reg tables, because i feel comfortable playing smth up to 30/25 at reg 6max tables, but usually i prolly play like 22/18


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        30/25 is pretty loose, probably too loose tbh. Don't worry about blue line/red line. Just worry about GREEN LINE! Make good decisions, at ZOOM it's very important to make good decisions and have good hand reading/stat reading skills. At REG tables you can hero call against a recreational player all day long. At ZOOM... DON'T DO IT!

        ZOOM will have a lot more steal/re-steal going on as well. So you need to pick your spots carefully. It's also a more "true" game if you ask me. Just play straight forward and try to maximize your profits when you come across good solid spots.

        I've just started at 25NL zoom. So far, there's no need to get tricky yet IMO. I have played some 100NL and this is where floats, etc are going to start working for often.


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          Ok thanks for tips! umbup:


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            Your win rate will drop at Zoom because it's tighter than regular tables and you can't table select or get table dynamics to your favor. But will not drop to the point that you just suck at it in relation to regular tables. That is just variance and/or those deepstacking pots. Deepstack errors will crush the win rate. Don't play deep stack if you are not confortable. Also, dont try to play loose just for the sake of it or force agression because of the red line. You can open your game but don't over do it.
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