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overplayed ? 2nl reg table

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  • overplayed ? 2nl reg table

    i had like super-duper-ultra-hyper-mega-super loose agresive image at the regular table for like 2 hours... so wut i thought is that he can do this against me with something worse.. i just cant seem to give him credit for only one existing hand that beats me... especially on the flop.... and the reasoning that he can have AQ AK is not much valid for me, since if he haz 77, than i can have AQ/AK anyway and lose anyway... just cuz of my image, ppl started to herocall me OTR with any pair, or even called my allins with any pair, though max was i guess 150BB and this one is 300BB... so wuts bugs me most is not that i lost this pot but that i lost 350BB D: though i didnt have any reads on diz man, cuz he didnt involve in any pots with me before i guess.. or he was new at table.. so i basically relied on my loose image... and maybe him having AT- or x or 99/TT/JJ/... or idk...
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    Against an unknown, in general, what do you think their stacking off range is this deep?

    I accept he can maybe do this with some worse (And better) Ax, but I seriously doubt, even at 2NL, that they are going to get this all-in on the flop with even KK. Some will, but you say this is an unknown, so you obviously cant be certain.

    Given he looks semi-competent, his raise sizes are decent, you elected to get it in on the flop, the pot was $0.22c before your original bet, what can he call your huge shove with?

    I think this is spew, readless and this deep and OOP, you can keep the pot smaller without the nuts.


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      AK AQ are both in an unknowns range calling UTG + 1. You could argue for flating his 3 bet OTF but at 5nl unlikely he is rocking up with much that isn't beating you, it looks like a fold to me. Worse thing you can do is stack off, as you basically price in the flush draw along with being behind to AK and AQ.


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        yez but once i make my raise to 0.94 i have no choice... if i call his $2 than he will easily jam OTT/OTR....

        plus, how often am i going to make 3rd best hand OTF... though (relative 3rd best hand) i guess a lot,but it only looks dat stronk on dis board... that twips ... so i basically told myself that i cant be running this bad , so i thought im ahead lulz.. but i couldnt be getting called dis much deep by most-likely-tight player in this spot

        other options i could do are: just call his raise to 0.40 and checkcall his turn 1$bet / and 2$ riverbet (which would cost me 3.40 though still better than losing 7$... or he might stick it in OTR or OTT which i still would call , though now i know it wont be good...)
        so thats why i rather got it in OTF (to get called by worse AT- mainly)... cuz i knew he will jam on me by the river... cuz AK is so common for me to have here, and its exactly wut he would put me on...

        the maybe best would be to checkcall flop,turn,river... cuz we was deep and dats why... cuz check would give him oportunity to bluff though dont think he will bluff cuz since i didnt have read on him, he must have played tight
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          The fact that you had an ulta aggro loose image on the table doesn't apply here because this guy was new to the table, as you said.
          To him you are an unknown, so he is not trying to play back at you, he is just making valuebets !

          If he saw you as an ulta aggro loose maniac, you should have been even more aware as he will certainly not bluff you in a 350BB-pot just because he thinks you are making a play again. He will have the goods for sure !

          So bet this flop: sure
          3bet : sure
          5bet ? : hell no. not with AJ
          call his 4bet : nah. unless a J hits the turn, you are in twilightzone.

          So I would just fold his 4bet


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            i knowz , me iz not happy w/ my play


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              Not even at 2nl, especially at 2nl will not villains 4bet bluff this board with TT JJ 99 etc. Not even kings do it.

              And most of the time, forget about the image cmon its like this
              1)fishes playing every hand anyway so they dont care if you folded for 20 hands they will call 4x raise with suited junk
              2)nits playing 12 tables who only play top 10% hands they dont care what u have
              3)bad regs who pay your TPTK with any pair or get outkicked

              All in all i think there are some players who pay attention, but i think ive seen maybe a few light 3bets at the micros in 2 months so they are not paying attention.


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                The deeper the money, the stronger our stack off range should be. AK/AQ/A7/77 are all in the villains range.

                Your thoughts are incongruent. On one hand you say you have a wild image (I'm sure lol) so people are hero calling you now. But he was new to the table so he wouldn't have this read. And he's not calling, he's raising. Then later you say he should put you on AK... yet he still wants to get all the money in, this is a bad sign for AJ.

                I would call the flop raise and go from there, personally. 3-betting is questionable, and 5-betting all in is a significant error this deep without reads. There's value to be had from worse aces in small and medium pots, but the larger the pot gets, the more skewed his range becomes towards better hands.
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