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5nl zoom AKs all in vs utg

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  • 5nl zoom AKs all in vs utg

    19/17 38 wtsd 4bet 2/4 when do we and when do we not get all in preflop with AK vs utg? What would be the best line here preflop and on the flop?

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    This is really -ev spot to get in AKs. We really wasted a super playable hand by relying on preflop equity.

    He's seems tight from the stats you gave and we are closing the action. I don't see any need to 3b. We dominate his AX opening range and can x/c a heap of flops.

    We are also OOP. Some higher stakes guys actually advocate not having ANY 3betting range in the blinds vs utg because it puts their range so face up. I think this is overkill from a balance perspective but it's an interesting point nonetheless.

    I slightly prefer 3betting out of the sb because it negates the bb from overcalling with a hugely wide range and making us play OOP vs 2 players.

    In the bb we have no need to 3b to close out another player so I much prefer flatting especially vs this nit.

    I'd advocate flatting, or if we do 3b, call the 4b.
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      Hi pray,

      I agree with birdayy, personally I'm not 3-betting preflop vs. a tight UTG open, for the reasons birdayy already stated.

      Auto-3-betting AK is a mistake, and this spot is one of the worst imo (vs a nitty UTG open)... and as for getting it all in I think we are going to be at a huge disadvantage when all the money goes in pre here, up against QQ+ a lot. Whether or not this particular guy will include AK in his stack off pre range isn't too material imo, as it mostly just puts a bunch of split pots in our results... what's much more material is that I would expect AQ to never be in his stack off range, so we are always getting it in tied or bad. Always getting it in tied or bad isn't necessarily -EV by itself, but we need other +EV components to make up the difference if we hope to be profitable. Those components are generally the opponent folding too much, or continuing with worse too much. One thing inherent in either of those is a wider opening range.. something we can expect the least of from a tight UTG opener.
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