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10NL ZOOM 6-max, A8s in BB pair and NFD OTT

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  • 10NL ZOOM 6-max, A8s in BB pair and NFD OTT

    Both players are unknown. PF: I call closing the action with A8s OTT: This is where I think I made a mistake. I was going to size this closer to 0.70 planning on calling a shove from the short stack. Then I chose to make it 0.55. Then after I bet I realized why am I betting??? Main Question: Should I be betting this turn? Luckily the CO cold calls, LOL As played... OTR: DONKjam for value?

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    To be honest, I don't think your turn bet changes a whole lot in this particular hand, as I assume the micro stack moves in even if you don't bet, the other big stack either calls with showdown value hoping you fold, or with a monster hoping you call and you can still elect to all and see if you hit your diamond. Of course, the odds then are not quite as enticing.

    On the river, I think the river bet is fine, it's not even a donk bet, is it? Of the two players left to play the hand you were the last aggressor as he just called the shortie.

    Heads-up, given how deep you are in a single raised pot, I think you can bet-call any reasonable sized bet on the turn. And give up if he shoves or just goes for a huge bet.

    EDIT: I'm guessing from your wording that the other big-stack tried to trap and ended up being snagged in his own trap.


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      No, shorty trapped. Big stack had 25% equity against my hand... and I had 17% against the shorty.

      I'll post the results after.


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        Not much fold equity when you bet turn, so just check-call and take your equity to the river, pot odds permitting.
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          Agreed. Turns looks like a pretty clear x/c. We have a lot of equity and want to see a river. Betting and opening us up for a raise just seems counterintuitive.


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            Hi dirt,

            I don't think we should bet, it's already been said and you figured it out.

            River jam is fine, give him a chance to make a mistake with a J, which is more likely to be a calling mistake than anything else.
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