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25NL Zoom: AK tptk on wet board

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  • 25NL Zoom: AK tptk on wet board

    AK was a topic Felix covered in the latest PSO podcast. I find situations like this one to be rather difficult with AK. In this zoom hand Im facing an unknown. He has a deep stacked, but I assume he is not a reg since I only have 4 hands on him. I put his 3b calling range on pocket pairs, and broadway cards probably suited. The flop hits his range well, but he could have a ton of hands I am ahead of and a ton of hands Check-calling the flop allows him to bet with his entire range, but this is a dangerous board to give him a free card on as well. The turn doesnt change much but it might give him a flush draw. Either way, I feel handcuffed, folding, calling and raising all have merit, but none feels too good. The river seems to help me, but I still feel too candcuffed to raise. I dont want to stack off to a full house or straight. How would you play AK on a board like this? Thanks! Roland GTX

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    Greg! you're the analyzer, but I'll give it a go!

    Maybe BF would be more optimal? With a XC line we're just guessing but we're also keeping the villains range as wide as possible, so I'm not sure. Maybe XCing is the way to go.

    Now if we take a BET, BET, BET line... The problem would be OTR. If we bet 1/2 pot, 1/2 pot, OTR we have 3/4 PSB left and I wouldn't be too happy sticking the rest in OTR but I think we have to.

    Now, another problem/not so much a problem is...
    OTF: Let's say we cbet and we're raised. I think we can call this flop raise... villain could be doing this with KJ, QJ, JT (pair with a draw) but could also be doing this with sets, 2 pair and the nuts.
    OTT: When we check and the villain bets, this could get tricky but I think I would be comfortable releasing the hand depending on the villains sizing.
    OTR: If the turn went X, X, then I would bet for thin value.

    Having said all of that... I like your XC ATW, and I don't think raising the river here is ever a good idea.


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      If your not betting top pair what are you betting is what i would ask myself, i spose it depends on villains 3bet calling range. If he calls with pairs and AK pre then if you bet you fold out everything you beat except JJ.

      If he has suited broadways you give some of his range a free card that he would x/c with or x/b with so then it would be nice to know if he will call with those hands or raise them, if he raises them maybe you can bet call the flop or x/c, whatever you prefer but for the most of it i think players just x call pair+ gutters here.

      When you bet this flop you wont be folding often to a raise so if he is going to raise a hand like AQ then he will have to be prepared to fire 3 barrels and prey you have a fold button.


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        Precis: I'm really bad at playing 3-bet pots OOP, so I could be very wrong on this one.

        With an SPR of less than 5, I think I like betting the flop, but I'm really not sure about committing to stacking off, as villain can definitely have a set, two pairs or a straight. I might check the blank turn if I made the c-bet and just got called.
        When you check-call the flop, your range looks like AQ or JJ, but it's hard to know if villain is trying to bluff you off those hands, or if he's value-betting with better, but using AK as a bluff-catcher is probably fine. As played, calling river seems standard.
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          The more I think about this hand... I think XC ATW is the best plan of attack here. I would also lean towards folding OTR if the villain bets $8-$10. $6 or less I call. Still sticking with never raising this river.


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            Hi Greg,

            I like your line here, it's not terrible to have some stronger hands in your check-calling range, giving him a chance to bluff or make lighter calls later in the hand. C-betting is what everyone does here, but this hand strength is going to be in the bottom/middle zone of our value range I think, since we can be value betting better hands like AA, KQ, AJ, KK, QQ, TT, so when villain doesn't fold we don't play that great vs. his continuing range. When we check however, our perceived range gets much weaker... AQ, JJ, AT, and weaker... having AK protects some of these weaker check-calls and also provides us some hands we can check-call 3 streets with so we don't have to c/c 3 too light (if we give up the lead but never go to showdown when villains bet, they can just bet/bet/bet 2 napkins and smash us).

            His sizing is somewhat small on all streets, so I would feel very comfortable check-calling AK here all the way.
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              Good stuff everyone!

              @Mike Yeah, having tptk in a 3b pot and being out of position makes this seem like an easy c-bet spot. However, as Dave points out, our hand looks strong, but doesn't do very well against the villain's calling range on this flop.

              @Dave Regarding villain's betsizing. I was a bit concerned that the slowly increasing betsizes (even though small) were actually a strong hand trying to milk me for a few extra bbs.

              Thanks for all the input



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