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25NL ZOOM, KK UTG stack off vs unknown?

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  • 25NL ZOOM, KK UTG stack off vs unknown?

    Pretty sure I played this as horrible as possible. Villain is unknown. We're 181bb deep. I was actually really close to folding this preflop. I think I picked the worse possible option by calling. Should we stack off PF this deep? Villain just looks too strong here IMO.

  • #2
    Kinda gross spot.

    Given his squeeze was so small I agree that we should be 4betting pre.

    When he comes over the top here we are up against a pretty tight range.

    I'd probably call and stack off any non A flop.


    • #3
      birdaay, what do you think about betting the river to get the opponent of a hand like KK, QQ?


      • #4
        Well i'd be betting for value, not as a bluff. I think any Ax would be betting the turn, so I think it's fine to bet ~$8-10.


        • #5
          Would 4-bet bigger preflop as you guys are so deep and you're giving villain a great price to see a flop IP with proper implied odds against your hand.

          I don't mind your betting line up until river, I guess villain should either have been bluffing pre or will have KK/AA very very often in which case we can't really get any more value from worse here unless he takes a stab with his bluffs.
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