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2NL QQ bet off pot

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  • 2NL QQ bet off pot

    Hi all Really don’t know whether I should have folded here or shoved. I’m on a bit off a down swing at the moment so seconded guessing all my moves. The reads I have are as follows V9 23.7/2.6/3.67 over 38 hands V3 50/30/4 over 10 hands Now looking at the hand I’m not shore if I should have Cbet here, it a wet flop and I’m betting in to 2 players who play loss. When I then get shoved on I couldn’t decide whether it was bluff of super strong. I felt like I was ether well behind or ahead. All so not knowing what V9 would do, I wasn’t shore whether it would be a good idea staking off with 2 players with just QQ. Thanks for all the help

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    Hey Michae,

    I think I would call here; We need to be good 23% of the time when we need to call 1.12 into 4.98 if V9 folds. They can shove here with QQ, JJ, TT, Asx, sets, and all flushes. So even if we only include QQ,JJ,TT with one spade, 99, 88, AsK, AsQ, and AsKs, AsQs, AsJs, AsTs, KsQs, KsJs, QsJs, JsTs we see that our hand has 26% equity which justifies a call. Obviously what that means is that we expect to lose 74% of the time when we do call but given we are getting the right odds then it is +EV to call.
    NB. If V9 calls then we need even less equity to be +EV on the call


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      Thanks for our help. Can I ask how you worked out the EV?


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        Originally posted by Michae2005 View Post
        Thanks for our help. Can I ask how you worked out the EV?
        We need to call 1.12 to win 4.98 or 1.12/4.98= 22.49%; Plug your hand on a tool like PokerStove or Flopzilla and compare your equity against their range and when our equity > pot odds then we are +EV


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