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should i have called the flop?

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  • should i have called the flop?

    Was it okay to call on the flop to seed the turn or was i just wasting chips. Or how should i have played it.

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    Over card on the flop and you are out of position.

    Look man, when OOP, you have to be carefull about your range preflop, KQ off from your position is okay I guess, to make this call Is very opponent depedent, I mean if he is very agressive and open a lot from late position, it's okay, you can never feel comfortable when an over card comes and you're OOP, but the price was good, and many villains would do the same thing he did with 76 suited, so I think, in this case, you should consider the read you have on the villain. good luck, man!


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      as PFR, you could bet the flop and evaluate OTT. if your card improves w/ 1 opponent left you can then fire a double barrel.

      As played, villain bets too little giving you too good of an odds to call him down OTF and OTT. You could even have played check/raise OTF and fold to a 3bet.

      Villain could still be playing with a draw here.


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        Hi west,

        I think the open is ok... even though we're UTG it's not truly FR as we're only 7 handed. If we were a full table it's not so hot imo.

        I don't mind checking the flop since it's a 4 way pot, as we have little chance to improve our hand and will have a hard time getting called by worse hands (and better hands won't fold). V2's bet is very small, I do think we should call on the flop. It's possible he's got a weak ace, that's certainly a part of his range, but he can also have worse kings, pocket pairs like 88 that don't want to give everyone a free card, gut shots like QJ/QT/JT or even some little stab with the 76s like gusmao said. IOW if we are going to cede the lead in the hand, this holding is easily strong enough to call with and we should be calling a at a high frequency vs. this small action.

        I would actually call on the turn for the same reasons, his range appears even weaker with this even smaller sizing, and V5 improves our situation by going away as well. I would check/call most rivers (depending on sizing... if he bets .12c on the river I would check/call that all the time). I think we are giving up way too much if we are folding KQ here and he's getting away with murder using tiny sizing.

        Bear in mind the way you are constructing your ranges here, you are never calling... assuming you keep the lead and c-bet with an ace, and check the flop with worse, this is the absolute best hand in that "worse" category. If you are going to check-call multiple streets, you should at least have the top of your "worse" category in that range. Otherwise you're folding the turn and river way, way too often and can get abused by a player that just bets. I would even include some aces in that check-call range so you can get more combos to the river comfortably... stuff like A8 that is hard to get value from many worse hands on AK4r but that checking may induce action from worse hands, and get us called lighter on the turn and river if no one grabs the betting lead.
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