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Just a bad beat, or was it a bad read?

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  • Just a bad beat, or was it a bad read?

    I just can't see how my opponent could call my bets with the hand he/she had... Did I miss something? Outs, pot odds, anything? Or was it just a bad beat against a foolish River-chaser?

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    I few things here.

    PF: I would make it 3x or even 4x the bb. 30-35 cent pre.

    OTF: I would have bet larger, 2/3-3/4 pot, When the villain raises us, we need to be cautious.. he's repping sets, 2 pair and some semi bluffs. (77-66,98s,76s,54s) Just call here, we're in bad shape against those hands.

    OTT: I would be folding to this turn XR, we're only ahead of overplayed TP type hands and some draws.

    As played... you got the money in good which is strange... TPTK is ever good here after the villain is showing this much strength.

    Make a note that they play their straight draws very aggressively.


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      Hi Limpan1990,

      Welcome to PSO I will be your Hand Analyzer for this post!

      I agree with what dirt says about both preflop and flop. Raising the flop will shut down their bluffs and we seldomly get called by worse as often we see players just call with a one pair type hand. Even though we end up winning this hand, I think on the long run when we overplay our TPTK we will show some negative results.
      As a rule of thumb to keep in mind, whenever we get check raised we have to think of what villain is repping and we have to reevaluate our hand value. Usually when we take just TP to showdown against strong aggression we would lose more often than not.



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