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10NL ZOOM 6-max, AKo vs. COLD 4B from BB

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  • 10NL ZOOM 6-max, AKo vs. COLD 4B from BB

    No idea... I was thinking about jamming this pre. Villain(274):15/12/2.5 TOT 3BET: 6.8 COLD 4BET+: 22 on 9 samples

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    I prefer calling the 4b to shoving given the positional action and stats of the 4better.

    There's also a case for folding, but I feel since we are a little deeper than normal, IP and getting an decent price with a hand that dominates all AXs 4b bluffing, we should be calling.

    Given we called pre I would call down.
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      Hi dirt eh,

      I think this 4bet looks really strong. Villain plays a tight style and because MP did not limp, then they should give us credit when we 3bet which makes it less likely they would squeeze light as opposed to a situation when we raise a limper.

      I actually think hands like AQs, JJ/TT would call this 3bet rather than 4bet. So their 4betting range looks like premium hands to me {QQ+, AK}; I am ruling out QQ because some would x/c flop others would not shove the turn. So now we are either splitting with AK or losing to AA - I think we can also rule out some KK because there's already two kings we see and they really have no interest to shove the turn with the second nuts. I think we will see AdAh here We need atleast 35% equity to call and against AA, AK we have 33%. I could call if I had the As but I think I'd fold this to the turn shove. I could be wrong and they could be jamming with QsQh; If you think about it we just have TP on a paired board with three spades on board and they are over shoving.
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