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should i call, should i cbet?

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  • should i call, should i cbet?

    Should i have called his pre flop bet? Still putting the pieces together on what to do with AK. Thanks

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    Well played!

    You have position so there's no need to move all in by 4Betting, you can peel a flop a decide what to do. By calling, you keep in some of his worse Ax hands that might fold to an all-in, while you can get away from wet board textures like this.

    If you were out of position or against a very aggressive villain, I'd be more inclined to move all in preflop as being Out of Position is a big disadvantage to overcome in post-flop play.

    Also try and ensure you have a full stack by using the "auto top-up" feature - this ensures that you can fully take advantage of when your opponents make silly plays when you have a strong hand, which happens a lot at 2NL.


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      I am not a hand analyzer so take this as my opinion but from my experiences (2NL, 150k hands ~$140 profit) this depends what read you have on him.

      The first question, what was your thinking? Did you think what to do when flop comes and you miss/catch a pair / he check / raise?

      1) we have a read:
      a) Regular, a reasonable good player. I would fold to his re-raise. You put 1/6 chips to the pot, the chance to catch a pair is around 40% (you lose most of the stack only to see a flop, if the strategy is to continue with a pair) and even if you catch a pair, it is not very likely going to help you. Regular on 2NL re-raise this in most cases only with KK+, they call with AK. So you are behind in my eyes.

      b) We have a read; he is maniac with over +50VPIP and raises most of the time. This is up to you if you know his opening ranger but no matter what, you cannot fold the flop because the flop is not dangerous at all.

      2) We have not read on him.
      I would fold very likely. Easy to lost 0,25c, difficult to win them.

      3) Very important are your stats. If you have <15VPIP than his re-raise represent a strong hand, if you have >25 could be weak hand.


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        Being in position, I think folding would be a significant mistake. Villain might easily pay us off with worse hands for at least one bet because they have the initiative and feel that they need to CBet a lot of the time.

        If we were out of position, with our stack size I think you can make a strong case for not calling the 3Bet and choosing to either 4Bet shove or fold depending on what reads we might have on villain.


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          Hand is wp.


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            Thanks guys. Getting good grasp on how to play high cards. But if it was AQ would that be a quick fold?


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              Also if he just checked should i have done a cbet?


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                AQ would be a call too for me. If he checked the flop, then you wouldn't be making a continuation-bet, as you weren't the last aggressor. (Only the last raiser can continue his aggression). You could take a stab at the pot, or you could wait till the turn. I think stabbing at it in order to try and collect the pot immediately would be best. Indeed, in general if someone gives up the initiative (i.e. doesn't make a continuation bet), you have every right to try and take the pot away from them, as they often have nothing much. It's one of the reasons why calling in position is fine pre-flop. You get to see what your opponent does first. If he checks, then you have a chance to steal the pot. Easy game.
                Unfortunately, villain kept up his aggression this time, so you made a good fold and lost the minimum. Well played.
                Bracelet Winner


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                  Thanks smokingarty. Lets say he did not c bet on the flop? Maybe just a smaller raise. What amount of chips would you call and what amount would be to much for you? Thanks. Theses forums are really helping my game out.


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                    If he c-bets anything more than half pot (a standard c-bet) then folding is best, because you have a maximum of 6 outs vs QQ. I'd only call a bet on the flop if he gave me a much better price, like 40% of the pot. Even then, I'm not feeling great if I hit a king or ace, as he could be trying to suck you in with KK+ or TT and have you drawing dead even when you improve.

                    To learn more about how to play AK, have a listen to the latest PSO podcast.
                    Bracelet Winner


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                      and that is exactly what i was thinking because hitting A or K would probably not help much. At least some info about villain would help.



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