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5nl zoom folding trips multiway

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  • 5nl zoom folding trips multiway

    19/10 3b 2.9 0.25 flop AF 106 hands What hands would he donk multiway like that? I'm guessing only strong hands, especially for that sizing, maybe because a check/raise looks too strong and he doesn't want that. So 55, QQ, oddly flatted AK, KQ. I'm not sure he will do that with JT, draws would rather x/c multiway am I right? On the turn he fires a pretty large bet, looks like value from Kx to me, although maybe a smaller one would work better because he will always get action from Kx. Again don't really see him doing this as a bluff when the top card paired. Did I break down his actions correctly? Can I still call the turn bet? Looking ahead I see him firing another bet on the river and I certainly can't call that.

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    He could peel all KXs given the price he is getting pre. AK would 3b pre, so only KQ, KJ, and KT beats us.

    Because of this the turn is a clear call and reevaluate on the river.


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      K8o and lower calling preflop oop?


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        I would never have folded this. Call and see a river.
        If he checks river, value bet 50-70% pot, if you get raised...ugly.. then that's prob a fold
        If he makes a normal value bet OTR, I'd call
        If he shoves river... ehmmm difficult spot...

        If you happen to get a boat OTR, play for stacks.


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          This villain seems pretty tight/passive, so I understand why you're concerned about this betting action.

          However I think that you should call turn and decide on the river, probably leaning towards a fold if he makes a decent-sized bet.

          There are worse Kx hands (particularly suited ones as Birdayy pointed out) that he would donklead and keep betting with, but stuff like AQ/JT wouldn't surprise me either as some players of this type occasionally like to take some strange aggressive stands.

          To be honest I don't think your fold is a big mistake just given the stats you provided about villain, but calling must be more +EV.



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