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5nl zoom Did I just got married to my top two?

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  • 5nl zoom Did I just got married to my top two?

    SB 22/16, raise flop 5% 3bet 2.3 688 hands BB 33/11 18 hands makes perfect sense for him to have 88 here, thats 3 combos Is he doing that with A8s, (K9s too optimistic?) thats 2 combos, and 1 for the K9s if we go by that road. 4 combos of AK, but he would raise that pre. Should we hope he got out of the line and flatted AK pre and make this call?

  • #2
    I see them making this play with A8 and rarely K8 so I think it's supposedly standard.
    If it was from a more tight passive player I can see fold there.
    But definitely not on that situation.
    I actually think flatting the flop 3bet is better, if they are bluffing or maybe overplaying AQ.


    • #3
      Don't really see him bluffing a multiway pot like that
      but who knows


      • #4
        I don't think he would bet this big with a set, being 3 handed. He would probable try to get as many worst hands in, as he can. So I think he had eighter a gutshot or two pair AK, A8, K8 or hands like AQ, QQ, JJ that could bluff this.

        So I like your shove here.
        The board runs out very ugly thou...


        • #5
          88 does seem to be the only hand that makes sense, hes not pushing a draw, i wouldnt have thought, as there are only gutters, very unlikely he would have KK AA as a TAG would never usually want to play those OOP multiway, with HERO only flatting the donkbet on flop it is possible that VILLAIN would think his AQ AJ were good so felt like after raising the donkbet and HEROs flat that he was going with it as also i guess VILLAIN would have thought you would have raised the donkbet yourself multiway with AK. Dont think there is any getting away from this 100BB deep all things considered. GL at the tables Euan


          • #6
            As played, I'm calling.

            If I was in your shoes, I would have raised this 0.30 DONKbet to 0.90. Then if V2 check raises vs my DB raise, I'd be more convinced that he has 88 but I still don't think I'm getting away with only 100bb.



            • #7
              I think dirt eh makes a good point; I like raising the flop for value from worse TP hands and possibly find a fold if we get more action from the SB. As played, we kind of underrep our hand and now two pair hands (K8s, A8) can raise; against K8s, A8, 88 we have 68% equity so putting the rest in is fine. We can also call their raise and continue on most turns.



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