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5nl zoom KK vs preflop 5bet

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  • 5nl zoom KK vs preflop 5bet

    23/19 (45 hands) didn't see him 3bet untill now What should be the plan when a what looks to be a TAG 3bets your early position open? Can you get away from it on the flop if you just call the 3b preflop? In what circumstances would you 4b/call KK, or 4b shove?

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    In my experience you are against AA most of the time (in 5NL).

    You made it very clear you have a monster, 4-betting from UTG and he now minraises you.
    I'm putting him on AA or the very unlikely KK. AK would have folded or 5bet-shoved, same for QQ imo.

    So I might have folded to his 5bet. Calling that would be a mistake so eighter shove as you did or fold.


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      I wouldn't be 4betting.

      Given you did 4b you have to stack off pre.


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        just a cooler although VILLAINs hand ,for 5nl, looked like AA as long as you have your share of times that you have the Aces and opponent has KK then things will even out in long run. however in this kind of spot with the bet sizing VILLAIN chose you always get a bad feeling GL Euan
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          I think you can make a strong case for just calling the 3Bet preflop.

          You're UTG and coming in for a 3x raise, which means your range should be pretty strong. Then a TAG 3Bets from the SB. The SB is in the worst position post-flop and he's 3Betting vs what is already perceived to be a strong range. This means that SB is representing only the top few % of hands as he'd likely flat-call with AK, JJ- etc.

          When you 4Bet, your range is pretty much exclusively AA/KK, which makes it easy for villain to play perfectly. By calling, you keep his range a tiny bit wider and you're in position.

          As played when he min 5Bets at 5NL - I think he's got AA nearly all of the time, so you could make a legitimate case for folding, as you're not getting the odds to setmine.

          However the times when he is making some goofy play with QQ/JJ/AK mean that stacking off is also fine of course. Might be worth making a note though that he min 5Bets with AA


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            This is one of the few spots where I just call the 3-bet with KK.
            Bracelet Winner


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              in this case i would close my eyes and went all in. I am not going to fold / slow down KK even when I am against AA in some cases and this could be the case of course.



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