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2NL trip aces vs. full

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  • 2NL trip aces vs. full

    this is the hand: I had a trip and good outs, do you think I risked too much or not? Thx

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    smartDogo, first I would make sure that you have 100bb to start all hands. With only 50bb to start this hand I would have just folded AJo preflop.

    Now, onto the hand. Great looking flop for your hand. OTT this Q of diamonds is actually a really horrible card for you. Villain raised UTG so we can expect him to have a strong range.

    Standard UTG open range: 66+,A8s+,KTs+,QTs+,JTs,ATo+,KJo+ (something like that)
    Now when he check calls this flop we can narrow his range a ton! (KK+,ATs+,AQo+)

    Your hand isn't doing great against that range. With your stack size I would fold OTT. If we were deeper I guess we could call... all broadway cards are decent enough for our hand but honestly we're sort of calling here to hit the T of diamonds, so maybe just fold and look for a better spot.


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      Hi smartDogo,

      I would bet flop bigger. When villain x/cs flop and lead the turn as the PFR, I think this looks like a really strong hand that slow played the flop or got there OTT. KK, QQ, AK, AQ or a Flush. It's a really sticky spot with our stack size. Even with the royal flush draw Even with our stack size I think calling is better than raising all in as its really unlikely we get called by worse and we shut down any bluffs. At best we have 20% equity here and thats a strong argument for folding turn too.


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        I fold pre with any stack size above 20bb. (Any less, I shove). AJo plays abysmally in MP vs an UTG open, as you have reverse implied odds and could also get squeezed. (Typically with AJ in this position, you win a small pot, or lose a big one). Don't call raises with trouble hands.
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          I understood, thanks for the advices umbup:



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