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10NL 6max - Raise KQo mid position, fire 2 shots couldn't fire 3rd - showdown

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  • 10NL 6max - Raise KQo mid position, fire 2 shots couldn't fire 3rd - showdown

    Hi, this is a "what do PSO HA posters think"?

    Maybe open up some discussion? I don't use a hud so a zoom hand no reads.

    My note:
    Raise KQo mid position, fire 2 shots couldn't fire 3rd - showdown

    I was scared on the river because I didn't know what to do. Bet 30% pot and fold to a raise or bet $2 myself? I was a happy cat (no life lost) to show down KQo on the river.

    So what can we do?

    1) empty the clip on a river bet?

    Can we actually range the villain's hand on the river to:

    2) bet call a raise - are we being bluffed?

    3) bet fold and run away - tail between legs bluffed anyway?

    Hey it's obvious if they have us beat, isn't it?

    PS. Do you think oop it hurts more giving up?
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    I think you should be betting the river here. By checking here you're opening yourself up to be bluffed. I'd fire a 3rd bullet here... You've turned your hand into a bluff OTF and OTT, so why not fire again OTR. If we check this river and the villain bets, I'd be folding.



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      I'm actually almost considering a x/f on this flop. The flop hits a big portion of their calling range and our hand seems too weak to cbet or x/c.

      Let's put villain on a range for calling preflop: {JJ-22, AQo-ATo, AQs-A2s, KQ, KJs, QJs-762, QTs-T8s}
      They start with 159 combos out of which 86 combos would continue to a cbet
      TP+: 38 combos
      PP below TP (TT/99): 12 combos
      Middle pair: 9 combos
      Weak pair: 6 combos
      FDs: 16 combos
      Overcards + BDFDs: 5 combos

      Betting this flop will not show an immediate profit when they would only fold 46% of the time and there are not enough turn cards that we can fire turn on.

      We really got lucky here I think to end up catching the river and showing up with a winning hand!



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