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5nl zoom TP vs river check/raise

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  • 5nl zoom TP vs river check/raise

    This line doesn't make much sense to me, looks like a bluff and I guess it worked. Villain is unknown He cbets pretty small, I decide to float, i'm new to floats, is this a good board? Turn - he bets half pot again, I'm putting him on medium to big pockets 99-KK, something that just came up to me - why would he bet pockets that small on the flop? At this point 8x, especially A8 makes the most sense to me. River - why x/r and risk to miss a street of value? What's his bluffing range given his line?

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    All his bluffs got there clubs, 67, he could have A5 45, when i saw his flop bet i thought he isnt trying to get you to fold so he is either one of these players that likes to induce action with the flopped nuts or he likes to bet peanuts with his draws.

    Either way i think he had the nuts or rivered it and the reason why your questioning for him to be bluffing you is because your river bet size looks weak, he was probably x/r the river because he either has fancy play syndrome or he thought you was drawing to a flush is my guess.


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      I would check this river back. No reason to bet this river once the villain checks to you.


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        I like your line and I would also valuebet/fold the river. Floating flop is a bit close but I guess given the price you are offered it's ok. OTR our hand is nicely underrepresented and villain can call us with some bluffcatchers like his own Ax or smaller pairs. When he check/raises he probably has you beat and I find it unlikely for an 5NL villain to be bluffing here with that line.
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