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5nl FR Zoom - AQ

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  • 5nl FR Zoom - AQ

    Hi guys, Please could you analyse my hand below. The player in question is an unknown. Should I have checked the turn? Please also, could you analyse my thought process below? Preflop Raised for value on the BTN. I think either calling and raising is good (dependent on villain) but decided in this case to take the aggressive approach. Flop Bet for value against FD and weaker Ax hands. When he calls I expect him to proceed with AK maybe AQ, sets, and FDs. I have ruled out AA, KK expect them 4bet preflop and when the A arrives on the flop, there is only one combo a set of As that villian could have. Turn FDs just got there. Although villain can not have the nut FD, it could be possible that he called with say KdQd, JdTd (although I probably wouldn't) I bet here because I was IP and hoping to see a free river (villain OOP checks to me)to see if my hand was good, or taking it down on the turn . ***this is where I think that my thought process might be flawed*** I might have been better to check the turn and see a free card, allowing villain to potentially bet with worse on the river, keeping the pot small, and then evaluate on villain's bet size on the river i.e. do I think he is going for maximum value?? Cheers, Matt
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    First, without reading your comments. I'd fold to this river DONKshove.

    Now, after reading your comments:
    I think you played the hand fine. We are still getting value from weaker Ax type hands, so I don't see any reason to stop betting OTT. The way I look at this is the villain saved us $2.75, if the villain checks this river I'm putting the rest of the money in looking to get value from AJ, AT (with J and T of diamonds) something like that. And if we're beat then we have a nice note to take on this villain.

    When the villain DONKshoves the river, I don't think our hand is good... They could be bluffing with the exact hands that we could be getting called by when we bet the river for value but I still like a fold here. The only thing to look at here is:

    A. Would the villain XC the turn with a flush, 2 pair or a set? Maybe with the nut flush. Set, not likely and 2 pair also not likely.
    B. Why is the villain shoving into us OTR? Most likely rivered 2 pair or has a flush.

    Just my opinion!



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      I think its to thin myself, he might only flat suited broaways OOP then again he might just flat with TT+ and AK so he doesnt have a ton of 1 diamond hands anyway, your getting value from the pairs plus a diamond and thats about it.

      That's why i like to flat my medium strength hands IP un till i see a reason not to and seen as alot of players are nitty vs a 3bet OOP i would just flat especially in full ring from what ive seen.

      Even if the board was rainbow vs his TT+ and AQ+ if thats his range your not getting 3 streets unless your beat or chopping the pot.

      Maybe its best to bet but i would rather check back the turn see a non diamond river and see what he does and make my decision then.


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        Hi pullin1988,

        I think I'd be more inclined to call in this spot instead of 3bet against an unknown with a hand like AQo. Also, we have a weird stack in the BB which makes me think they are a recreational player and I think we benefit to keep them in.

        As played, I'd bet turn for value from hands that have a diamond like JJ/TT AJd, ATd for that reason I'd bet turn small maybe just 1$ or 1.10$ and plan to check back rivers. Folding river is perfectly fine at this point as I think they will never bet as a bluff nor bet with worse.


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          If his range for calling the flop is "AQ+, sets and flush draws", what are you beating on the turn? I think I would check back, hoping to show down vs something like QQ-TT, as you're not beating anything else.

          I think checking back the flop might even be a decent option if you want to get 2 streets from underpairs (or worse Ax if villain is a loose caller of 3-bets), although this line can cause you to have tricky decisions if villain bombs turn and river.

          EDIT: I'm not at all sure about my own thinking in this spot. Bet/bet/check (or bet/bet/snap-fold, as played) are probably sound too.
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            The chance of a fourth diamond hitting the river is pretty slim we can easily get that half pot bet on a non diamond river from all his Ax and QQ if he flats it, maybe even his JJ calls a river bet.

            Really cant understand why were betting into an unknown on that turn when we can the get same value when were ahead on the river and we have no clue exactly how wide his range is pre.



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