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5nl zoom top set on wet board

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  • 5nl zoom top set on wet board

    no reads Is betting the turn too thin? I still can get called by AK with a diamond, QQ-AA right? and there's always 3 combos of QJo if the guy happens to be that lose. I think the whole river was a mistake, must have been on tilt or something. Nonetheless how would you proceed, x/c a smaller bet and x/f a bigger one? From the range of hands that we beat, I see only AA and KK betting there, maybe some weird bottom set. And AK with a diamond bluffing but gotta have reads for that.

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    Personally I think your river bet is too small I would bet closer to $2-2.25. This is a prefect BET BET BET situation. If we get raised OTR we need to fold.


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      Bigger OTT, shove river.


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        Board texture hits villains range pretty hard. I think as played once you get to the turn either slow down and pot control or plan on getting all-in by the river. Try to check, check/call to river for pot control or bet bigger on turn so you can shove river.


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          I'll start by 3betting larger preflop to atleast 0.5$
          Flop (1.02$) I'd also bet bigger 0.80$
          Turn (2.62$) I'd bet 1.5$ at this point when villain calls they would have 3.61$ left and the pot size by the river would be 5.62$... easy river shove when we only need to be good ~28%
          Expect to lose to AdQd,KdQ, KQd win against QQ, TT, 99, AdT



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