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10NL ZOOM 6-max, 95s turned straight facing DONK overshove OTR

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  • 10NL ZOOM 6-max, 95s turned straight facing DONK overshove OTR

    At first I wasn't going to post this hand but is this a snap call? snap fold? sometimes call? Villain(88 hands): 42/32/8.3 Tot 3bet: 13.5! (37 samples)

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    Would definitely fold this, your straight got sort of counterfeited. Sometimes a crazy recreational player may turn some weird hand into a bluff here but given the texture of the board it's very sensible for him to have a couple of Tx combos and I would not risk too much stack behind on the most important street just in hopes of chopping or catching the occasional weird bluff without specific reads.
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      Why call the donk on the flop wth just a gutter?


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        Originally posted by TrumpinJoe View Post
        Why call the donk on the flop wth just a gutter?
        Why not? villain is either very strong or very weak. If he's strong, and we hit, we can potentially stack them and if he's weak we can steal OTT, we also have a BDFD.

        I think an important note to look at here is this villains 3BET @ 13.5... What type of hand does the villain have this time that he didn't choose to 3BET? This is why I think this villain had a hand like 44-99 range... T9 would probably XR OTT or just keep donking.

        Turns out villain had TT... which sort of makes sense but not really! (I called his DONKshove) looked to me like a split or angry river shove with a set or 2 pair type hands.


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          1 - 88 hands is a small sample size.

          2 - An habitual 3-bettor who fails to re-raise action from a steal position should cause one to ask why.

          3 - You said nothing about their blind play.

          Based on that I prefer to look for a better situation.

          BTW, a backdoor flush draw on the flop is the equivalent of a bit over 1 out.



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