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Bad river call?

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  • Bad river call?

    My main question her is do you think this is a bad river call? But before we get to that the more I look at this hand I’m wondering whether I should have bet PF 10c? V7 starts are over 52 hands 53/2 Now on to the main question. I know that a river bet at 2NL is not often a bluff so I know h is not bluffing and he has a hand. Here is my thought process. PF: he don’t raise so I count out AA, KK and possibly AK, QQ, due to his very low PFR F: I nearly lead out here but as I have seen this player lead out mutable streets with a hand as low at mid pair I decided to check and see if he bets. Witch he dose and when V8 folds I have 4:1 pot odds. I know these odds are perfect for me to call here but with 6 outs to get a good pair and the back door I figure it is worth seeing the tern. T: I pick up another 9 out with the flush, again due to the players history of leading out with almost any pair I opt to check. Again he bets small giving me the right odds to call. R: I get the flush and again to show weakness I check with the intension of raising a small bet. When he bets pot I put him on an over pair or a FH but as there is only 4 cards in the deck I thing I’m losing to I and that it was pot size I opt to call. I figure my hand is too strong to fold as I believe I’m beating more hands in the V range. I’m interested to see what you think off my thought process here as well has my hand. Thanks for all the help

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    I don't think this river call is bad. Considering the V limped on the button his range is AS WIDE AS POSSIBLE.

    However, you should have raised preflop. I would have raised to 0.10-0.12 preflop, but having said that... I don't think this villain would have folded preflop... He had a suited K... hahaha. So I guess you lost the minimum!
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      Very weird hand.
      Yeah I also think that you should have raised preflop, mostly for value but also for taking the iniciative.
      The flop call is reasonable since we do have backdoor equity.
      On the turn I would only raise if I had a plan to bet again on a lot of river, so I guess the call is good.
      As played I am calling river, since villain might have a lot of worse flushes, straights, to make it profitable.


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        Hi michae2005

        I agree with the others, preflop you have a strong starting hand and are out of position. I would raise for value 3bb plus 1bb for each limper, so 10c.

        As played, I think we can call the min-bet on the flop against this villian because he will presumably pay at least one street if he has Ax or Qx with a worse kicker than yours. However, against such a passive villain, there is a good chance he has a made hand such as a medium pocket pair or potentially paired the board since he did decide to bet the flop. The turn improves your potential, but you still don't have a made hand. Since the villain bet again, I feel more confident that he does have a made hand. I like just calling as you did. It keeps the pot small.

        On the river, you make your top flush, but the board pairs again and the villain wakes up to make a potsized bet. This is screaming a strong hand. You only need to win the showdown a third of the time to make calling proftiable though. Against most opponents, I would expect them to have worse flushes, straights and overpairs often enough to warrant calling. I have seen people take this line with KK AA often enough at 2NL. I would not raise though.

        Against this villain I am less sure about calling. He is so passive, it seems unlikely that he was betting with a draw on the flop. This means most of his range is weighted toward made hands, either a pocket pair or he paired the board. If he paired the board on the flop, then he has a full house on the river. This fits well with his line and seems most likely. If he has an overpair, would this villain make a potsized bet on the river on this board? It seems unlikely. Moreover, the pot is small since we didn't raise pf. I lean toward folding against this particular villain. Although, you don't have that many hands on him and you didn't post his postflop stats. Does he ever show aggression postflop without a made hand? If his postflop stats show any aggression, I might find a call. With the information available, I lean toward folding.

        Roland GTX


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          Thanks for the input guys. I have re looked at the players stats I now have 55 hands on him and his AF is 7.6 so yes he does show aggression post flop



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