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2NL Zoom - 77 P8 - not sure I should have called the re-raise

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  • 2NL Zoom - 77 P8 - not sure I should have called the re-raise

    The play worked out this time around, but not sure I should have done this. With 77 decided to call 20 on his re-raise. Villain9 got pretty aggressive, but based in his position he might have had better pair pre-flop and even better set post-flop. Did I risk too much...

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    You're good on the calls pre flop. Because when V9 tries a squeeze play the original utg raiser calls too. Now you have about 4:1 direct odds to call 37c/9c.

    But... in the future we know it's ball park 15:1 odds to set mine and the effective stacks with two opponents give us the extra implied odds we need.

    I'd suggest a mistake was made with your flop check / raise size it's far too small. I'd pump it up to at least 3 x 32c, perhaps a teasing 99c, or look at charging flush draws even more?

    Glad you stayed with it facing such an over bet on the turn. It could be an over set, that's life - nice hand sir! Here it looks like a bluff as no worse hand can possibly call.


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      Hi jmich,

      Prelfop calls are both good in terms of set mining... I recommend 15-1 implied like Forrest said... here we have to call .09c more (because his 3b is way too small), so 15x that is $1.35. There's already .37c in the pot and way more than $1 behind effective with both players, so set mine away imo.

      I think the check-raise sizing is fine, it puts 1.73 in the pot when he calls and sets up an nice 1.25 shove size on the turn for us. It also leaves the maximum room for him to make a re-raising mistake and shove over us pretending he can make us fold. The other option is to check-shove like we might do with a big draw ourselves, which looks drawy, but probably doesn't matter much either way against this guy.

      I think the big mistake in this hand was checking the turn to him... if he's got a flopped or turned draw, we are giving him a free card to realize his equity. He may not fold a draw anyway, but we set up a nice turn shove size, so execute the shove and get his money in now before he misses.

      Lastly, take good notes. Villain's play is pretty wow-bad.
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        This relates to your other HA you posted with a set. So to lead out (donk) with a set and get raised then stacks in on the flop. It's so marginal for value against a monster draw or you have the worse hand now and lose.

        It comes down to a relative hand strength post flop vs opponent range >example hand< I'm dead to 99 and 76 is unlikely.

        Sorry Dave over lap
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