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10NL ZOOM 6-max, J9s IP facing LARGE XR.

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  • 10NL ZOOM 6-max, J9s IP facing LARGE XR.

    I end up stacking this guy but OTT maybe I'm a little too light to be calling this large of a XR? He 5.2 x'd my tbet. This is more than a Pot Sized Bet? wouldn't a PSB be 2.95? Villain is unknown.

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    Hi dirt,

    The decision point to call is really close, but not quite good enough imo... we have 4.26-1 in implied odds if we get his stack when we flush out. Vs. a set we are a 4.5-1 dog. If his hand was face up as a set, we would not have the proper price to call and should fold. And, given the strength of this action, his hand seems sort of face up to me.

    The real problem in this hand imo is the decision to bet the turn. How are we ranging him? He defends pre then check-calls a totally dry flop. Since there's no draws really, I would range him on something like Jx (all of which are ahead of our kicker basically), 55/22 that are slow playing, pairs that are peeling to see what develops 66-TT, and some ace highs, probably the gut shots and pairs, A5-A2. When we barrel the turn, what parts of that range continue? 55/22/66/Jx (all of which beat us, and the sets are raising) and the ace highs that are specifically AcXc. So we're really not doing well vs. what I believe his turn continuing range would be, and we're setting ourselves up to be c/r off our draw by his sets. I think this is a spot I prefer to check back the turn, allowing a free card to roll off. If we are in the lead (and he needs the free card), it's not a big deal for us since most hands in that category have 2-7 outs (pairs, Ax), and the made hands will tend to bluff catch us more on the river with a check-call, while the missed no pair hands will bluff sometimes. If he's in the lead (and we need the free card) this is likely to be much more beneficial to us to realize our equity of the flush draw while not giving value to all his better J's and sets.
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