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2nl zoom, help me range villain

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  • 2nl zoom, help me range villain

    lololol, no idea wut he called that flop raise with?! i thought that only with sets he will do that... or i should have just check it and let him do his possible float-bluff... maybe that was his plan and i ruined it..

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    I have 2 questions, why did you raise the villains cbet and why did you shove the turn?


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      I like the call pre.
      I like the checkraise (why not, dirt ? )

      I don't like the shove. There is absolute no hand that will call and not beat us so the bet will stop the hand right here (no extra value) but once you get called you will loose your stack almost always, so it's very -EV.

      I think a normal bet of 70% pot will fold all worse hands except maybe AQ. You could even make it somewhat smaller as there are no draws possible. Any call means he is serious and I would proceed with extreme caution. Any raise is a fold, imo.
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        Originally posted by rkleefstra View Post
        I like the checkraise (why not, dirt ? )
        When you XR this flop, what hands are continuing? This flop is dry. So we can expect AA, 88, 33, maybe AJ+ depending on the villain. AJ+ are folding once we XR and then bet the turn. Now let's look at the high pair hands that will could get sticky and might keep barreling. JJ+ Also AJ+ are firing three barrels here IMO. So, I would prefer to take this line vs aggression. XC, XC, XR. River could also be a XC... situation dependent. This line maximizes our value vs. AJ+ and possibly KK, QQ. Line vs. passive turn play. XC, X, B river for value. umbup:


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          check/raise OTF is ok. He doesn't have too much 3 or 8 on his range given that he 3bet preflop.

          He highly has JJ+, AJ+ to call the checkraise. OTT I would play check/raise and play for stacks. If he checks behind, bet OTR for value.

          check/call OTF and a lead OTT is also a good play for me.


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            tru, i kind of lost maybe some value by jamming turn... but still i dont think i will get some more action by KK- , only by some AQ,AJ probably...
            i just though that that jam would look bluffy and he might call w/ those AJ KK-


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              Originally posted by NaturoSasuki View Post
              i just though that that jam would look bluffy and he might call w/ those AJ KK-
              Players, even in the micro's, are not falling for that trap (anymore). I tried it in many occasions and people just aren't calling it with worse.

              Valuebetting is the way to go and know when to fold if you get heavy resistance. "Resistance is futile" does not apply in poker.


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                Hi guys,

                Personally, I'm not sure I like calling the 3bet with AK OOP when we raise from UTG and get 3bet OTB. The problem here is that we are OOP with a no made hand vs a very strong raising range and since we probably can't float OOP profitably against such a range then we are basically calling to hit an Ace or a King? I'd call QQ, sometimes JJ and AKs. Against a TAG or NIT I fold AKo and JJ.

                As played, I think the best option here is to x/c down. I see no point in raising any street because we shutdown hands we beat and get called by AA everytime. Also given ranges, this is probably not going to be a 3 street value hand. So we can check-call flop, villain checks back turn, we bet small OTR and hope to get called by KK or QQ.



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