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5nl zoom 2 pair vs river shove

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  • 5nl zoom 2 pair vs river shove

    over 21 hands 31/0 should I pot controll the turn? easy bet/fold otr?

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    Interesting, I'm not sure about a cbet here multiway... you could have opted for a XF OTT. But as played I like the river fold. I see the villain having 97 combos or AT.

    OTT: If we check and villain checks... I still like a BF OTR.


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      You didn't post any stats for V3, so I'll just assume he's unknown.

      You can definitely make a case either way whether to CBet this flop or not. However with V1 being such a calling station, I feel like our hand has some value, but probably only one street, so we have to decide where to try and find our one street of value.

      I think the flop is the best place. You will often see sticky opponents call with random overcards on this type of board texture, which will include a lot of Ax, which we of course have crushed. By betting, we also get to fold out the equity that the villains have against us, which isn't a bad result.

      This flop also gives us good opportunities to fire further bets on later streets with our backdoor heart draw and possibilities for two pair/trips.

      As played I don't think you should fire another bet on the turn. We've got good showdown value and villain is unlikely to put pressure on us. If he does make a 1/2 pot bet or bigger, I think you can feel OK about folding.

      I think the river is well played, when a passive villain shoves the river, he always has a monster, either 97 or more likely some backdoor flush like 98cc or KTcc.


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        V3 open folded the flop so didn't think it was relevant



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