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3 Bet with AA.

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  • 3 Bet with AA.

    Any thoughts are most welcome. Is this a cooler or should I have folded on the turn when the villain check raises me all in? My thinking was that he was either on AK or KK, with it most likely being AK.

    Nice call from the villain to see a flop with Q9s.
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    People play very loose at small stakes tables I have found, you can't expect ABC poker from them and without visual tells or some history of them at the table, you can only really play the odds

    If all you ended up with on the flop were 3 hearts and no 3rd ace, I would have probably stayed in but it would have been a judgement call and a hard hand to get away from is AA. With that 3rd ace, you had the 2nd best hand possible and a draw to full house or 4 of a kind which trumps the flush.

    A scare card would have been another heart as its a lot more likely to have seen 1h in his hand rather than 2h.

    You want to goto war with trips because more often than not you are ahead. After all, a flush is as likely on the flop as it is by the river, it just looks neater when it comes out. If your end result is to see a showdown with your trips, it wouldn't matter if it was H-H-H-X-X or X-X-H-H-H or H-H-X-H-X, it still adds up to the same.


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      Hi Shodan388

      Well, that's an expensive note I'm taking on the villain which I'm probably very happy to pay the price. Villain open raises UTG with Q9s and called a 3bet OOP. Sweet! I'm going to be 3betting a wide range of value hands against them and cut down on my bluffs and we can expect to make up the investment price of that note plus some winnings

      It's really hard to put villain on a flush there because a)what combo of hands could call a 3bet OOP from UTG with two hearts when the Ah and Kh are already on the flop and b) hitting a flush OTF is a low occurrence. So folding Top set in 3bet pot after we invest 50% of our stack is going to be a larger mistake than calling off here. So call is good imo.


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        Thank you, gentlemen. As always, very helpful and insightful advice.



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