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10NL ZOOM 6-max, 250bb ALL IN OTF

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  • 10NL ZOOM 6-max, 250bb ALL IN OTF

    Is this a spot where we want to be getting this much money in OTF regardless of villain type? Villain: Unknown

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    Personally, I like your play in this hand, you have an enormous draw.

    Even against top set specifically, you have 40%, but against a slightly wider, but still tight range of overpairs to the board, you are actually the favourite to win the hand.

    Getting it in on the flop means that when you hit you get the huge pay off that might have been stalled had a third or fourth flush card hit on future streets. If you lose, you lose a huge pot of course, so it is high variance, but I like it.

    Board: 5s6sJc

    Equity Win Tie
    CO 47.46% 47.46% 0.00% { JJ+ }
    BU 52.54% 52.54% 0.00% { 8s7s }
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      Edit: Missed the 250bb comment

      You can play this hand in all different sorts of ways for 100bb effectively, calling or raising the initial bet, even calling his 3-bet as played. bhoylegend already pointed out the facts about your equity against better made hands. I would try to evaluate folding equity with a 4-bet OTF in this spot.

      I think that most 10NL villains will not be willing to fold a lot after 3-betting the flop as the PFR so given that you guys are so deep I'd actually consider calling that small of a 3-bet. This way you can still utilize your position better and not risk getting it in only against a hand where you will be a sleight underdog as I feel like the more money beyond 100bb goes in here the more likely villain will actually be to show up with a set.
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        Definitely would be flatting his 4-bet there, as I think running into 55/66/JJ is definitely going to be trouble when you are this deep, and you can re-evaluate your hand strength IP after seeing a turn card.

        Basically you make your decision much easier after seeing an out and your opponents action. Also, I wouldn't be too worried about killing action at 10NL because most players who 4-bet that sort of flop may get sticky with their hand, and you have both the turn and river to get all their chips in.
        Last edited by Swagneto; Sun Mar 02, 2014, 06:31 PM.


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          Thanks guys! We ran it twice. I lost the first run but won the second. Villain had AA!



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