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Sample size at a given stake?

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  • Sample size at a given stake?

    I was just curious to know what a good sample size of hands are at a given stake to know your BB/100 rate and to evaluate where you stand at that given stake, if any of that makes sense lol. 1K,2K,10K hands?

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    Hi Taunto_88!

    I'm more of a tourney guy that is just getting into cash games and I'm looking at using a few hundred thousand hands. I'm at 12k+ now.. and feel like it's almost nothing.

    John (JWK24)

    6 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Dave's probably the best to give the numbers, but the higher variance in the game or your style the more hands you need. If you use PT or HEM you can watch the trend lines.


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        I think that at about 10-20K hands, you can definitely start analysing your own stats to look for leaks, particularly with stats that become accurate quite quickly eg VPIP, PFR, 3Bet, steal, fold to steal, Flop CBet. Positional tendencies can also start to show themselves in this sort of time frane.

        However to get properly accurate readings and winrates, I think 100K is the minimum and even this is likely not enough.


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          Wow seems like alot more than i thought it would be. 100K Hands is outrageous amount it seems


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            Yeah, the more hands the better Taunto. However, I tend to look at my stats a bit differently when I don't have a large volume. For example, I am shot taking at 50NL right now and only have 3K hands from February there. Firstly, am I profitable at that level over the hands Ive played? Secondly, I look at my session results. Am I profitable most sessions? Thirdly, I look at the big wins and losses.

            All this gives me an indication of how I am doing at that level. If I am profitable/break even in total. If I am profitable/break even most sessions. And if I haven't just gotten lucky in the big hands Ive won, then I can keep playing at that level. It doesn't really matter if I am a 1bb/100 player or 5bb/100 player.

            As spand42 mentioned, your other stats will start becoming meaningful around 10K. These will help you find leaks in your game better than just looking at your winrate. If you post gametype and stats, especially positional stats, we will be able to give more specific advice.


            Roland GTX



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