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5nl zoom TPTK+FD in 3b pot

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  • 5nl zoom TPTK+FD in 3b pot

    11/4 3b 8.3 46 hands What range do you put him when he bets turn that small? Was it good to shove the turn? can will AK fold to it? or AT-AQ

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    Hi Praydk,

    I honestly don't like to call a 3bet OOP unless occasionaly depending on opponent and table positions. Like in this spot I would consider calling QQ/JJ, sometimes AQs. but with KQs I would rather 4bet/fold here.

    As played, I'm calling both flop and turn; I don't see any point in raising all in OTT. What do we accomplish with the shove? Are we shoving for value or as a bluff? Think about how our bet manipulates our opponents range. How many worse hands can they have that can call us? What better hands do we fold with the shove?


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      Agree with Geo, I think this is just a call on the turn, we have both outs if we are behind and we might still be good with our K.

      I think he only calls with hands that beat us, and maybe some weirdly played two pair.

      We dont have the nut flush draw here either, I dont see too many Ax of clubs in there in all honestly, but I still think we just call and reassess on the river.



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