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10NL 6 Max - interesting/aggressive line? or Reckless

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  • 10NL 6 Max - interesting/aggressive line? or Reckless

    have been playing with villain for an hour or so at this point. stats are 28/22 with 3 bet% of 16% - 11% of this was from the blinds. I have seen villain 3 bet some odd hands from the blinds like 97s, 68s stuff like that...along with very strong hands as well. That being said... Villain has also shown some big lay downs. Having this in mind villain seems to have a head on their shoulders.

    I didn't think he would have a queen on the flop which is why i decided to something i haven't done all game thus far and raise his C-bet... rep something like a set or a big Queen.

    Now that the board paired i thought i could continue to tell my story of having a set/possible full house. Villain took some time to make this call....

    River comes I know he doesn't have a hand like AJ,AK, 22,33,44,88,TT,JJ, So possibly a big Queen KQ,AQ type of hand... or a very strong hand and is just slow playing it. QQ-AA. thought the only way i could win is by betting... a half pot bet he is going to call even if he has a queen which is why i decided to shove the river.

    Was my line and story believable? Got un-lucky? should of done something differently? Reckless?

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    Hi Taunto

    Well, lets rewind back to preflop

    What's your plan when you call a 3bet with 55? With small pocket pairs like 66-22, I think our primary goal when we call with those sort of holdings is to set mine. Because really, it will be so hard for us to play post flop with so many overcards coming on the board and because the only way we improve when we try to bluff is by hitting one of two outs then our chances of working our way through flop, turn, river without a set is probably going to be very hard to pull off.

    Well if we are set mining then who do we set mine against? As a rule of thumb I would call whenever there are 15x the bet in effective stacks if I am IP and 20x the bet when I am OOP. But also we need to consider the opponent range and skill level. Will we be able to stack them everytime we have a set and they have TPTK? Is their range wide or narrow? Usually set mining works best against a narrow range because if they do happen to hit then they are more likely to give us action. So in this spot, I think because our opponent is 3betting wide then probably set mining against them will not be as profitable as opposed to someone who will 3bet JJ+ and will give us their money on 2 5 3 flop. For me, this is a fold preflop.

    And because we only have two outs to improve which is too low of a chance to fall back on when we are wrong then I'm probably not bluffing either. I think this bluff is way too ambitious because the board really did not change much on neither turn or river so whatever has called the flop is probably going to call the turn and whatever calls the turn is probably going to call the river. AQ, KK/QQ. When the board pairs, you now less credibly have a set because 66 is less likely with two of the 6s already on the board. You actually range him well by the river when you say "possibly a big Queen KQ, AQ type of hand... or a ver strong hand and is just slow playing it. QQ-AA" but is there any chance these will fold to a river shove?

    Was my line and story believable?
    Nope We rep too little

    Should of done something differently?
    Fold pre
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      Generally I think bluffs like these are two ambitious when you have close to zero hand equity.

      If you feel like villain is 3Betting and CBetting too much and you think a bluff might be profitable, choose a spot where you have some backdoor equity, or a gutshot draw or the flop shouldn't hit his preflop range very well.


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        okay I will keep this into thought. I did think about folding pre-flop and i guess i should have. Or gave up on the flop when i didnt hit my set. thanxs for the help.



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