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1/2NL Zoom: Snap Fold

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  • 1/2NL Zoom: Snap Fold

    Villain 5 is unknown. Villain 6 is normally a passive fish. Checking the flop may have been a mistake on my part; pot managing if a diamond larger than 6 might be in play, but also disguising my hand strength. The plan was to bet the turn if this was checked around, and get all the money in on the river if the board paired. If the board did not pair the plan was to bet/call or bet/fold depending next two cards and the opponents actions. When Villain 6 moves in on the turn I assume that bottom set is no good. Being out of position, it is difficult to gage whether or not I should stay in the hand vs Villain 5. The thought being that if I call the turn and shove the river I may have a chance to recuperate my losses to Villain 6 via Villain 5. I range #6 with 88, 77, any two diamonds. Because #5 check/called the flop I do not think he as an overpair, but AK, AQ, AJ, maybe holding a big diamond. Was this an easy snap fold?
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    I'd just jam over to iso ott. We got outs if called.


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      Hi Tonk,

      I tend to agree with birdayy here. It's pretty close imo and folding isn't terrible considering V6 is a passive fish who's showing aggression here. The one thing that's not clear is that this means we are beat though... fish do love their A-x hands after all, so we can't rule out aces up with the nut flush draw. But I feel like we are ahead of V5, who most likely has a big ace, so I lean towards shoving and giving him a chance to call off to us now before a 4th diamond can come off (which either beats us or freezes our action).
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        Another vote for a shove.
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