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10NL ZOOM - Too much credit? hmmm QQ in CO

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  • 10NL ZOOM - Too much credit? hmmm QQ in CO

    Okay, QQ in the CO. Decent looking player 3bets me. I 4bet to 30bb deciding that I'll throw the hand away if he come over the top. He flats and now I have no clue what to do! When the opponent flats what's the play OTF? I'm guessing cbet the flop call his shove but I don't know! What would you do, I really dislike these spots! Villain(282): 25/22/2.2 TOT 3bet: 6.4 on 110 samples
    Last edited by dirt eh; Fri Feb 28, 2014, 06:26 AM.

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    hi dirt eh,

    I think 4b-folding would be a mistake. It turns your hand into a bluff which we don't want to do with something as strong as QQ. I would only 4b for value with the intention of getting all in. We can make arguements for folding to the 3b, calling and 4b here. It is pretty dependant on your read on V1. Calling keeps the pot small and allows you to reevaluate on the flop. However, his large 3b size looks more like a steal with a medium pocket pair or KJ, Axs type hand rather than being KK or AA. Therefore I prefer to 4b for value here. When he flats, it is unlikely that he has AA since it would usually 5b pf. KK is the only hand ahead of yours that might want to see the flop before committing. His range will include more hands than this, presumably medium pairs and AK, plus some weaker hands if he is getting out of line.

    On the flop, you have an overpair and need to protect against and A or K on the turn and river. I would c-bet with the intention of getting all in.

    I hope you put a note on this villain. A4o was surprizing.

    GL and have fun at the tables!

    Roland GTX


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      Checking QQ is much worse than AA because we are so much more vulnerable. With AA there are no overcards which can hit, but with QQ villain can x back AK and realize a fair bit of equity.

      I would much prefer betting $2.5 on the flop and shoving pretty much all turns.

      Tag him as a fish because his play is terrible.



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