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25nl Deep - T high 3b pot

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  • 25nl Deep - T high 3b pot

    *title should probably mention it was a T high flush. calling with T high would be sick though Stats CO: $28.56 - VPIP: 25, PFR: 20, 3B: 7, AF: 3.5, Hands: 198 I personally think it's a snap since he checked turn (which most high spades would continue barreling). Keen to get your guys thoughts though?
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    I think its a snap call for me too. We can be beaten of course but I can think of plenty of hands that would bet river that we are now beating.


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      I call, most players would bomb river with ATC because its such a scare


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        T of spades here is obviously a bluff catcher, I guess what you need to do is give this villain a range. What's he raising your MP open with from the CO? Here's what I've given him: 88+,AQs+,KQs,65s,54s,43s,AKo

        Throw in a couple of bluffs and you're close for making a call. Without some reads I would lean towards not making this call, however it's really really close.


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          More like snap fold IMO. 3bet range CO vs MP is not going to be super wide. QQ-AA AK AQ, with a spade play like this a lot of the time. Also some As, Ks light 3bets got there as well. River bet size look more like a value bet than a bluff. I think most players would just check back every hand with showdown value that is not a flush.


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            In my experience this is very villain-dependant.

            Although your assumption about most people barreling any high spade hands OTT here may be true to an extent there will be nittier people who see monsters under the bed, are not comfortable with 1 pair on a board like this (given that he is just 100bb deep and may fear getting shoved on often) or just decide they rather want to induce bluffs/get value OTR etc.

            So since we're holding a bluffcatcher I'd look at his general 3-betting tendencies vs EP and his postflop aggression so far even though it's a small sample. If both are low this would make me heavily inclined to fold river here.
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