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10NL Zoom, 44 from MP, raise a limper but called from blinds

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  • 10NL Zoom, 44 from MP, raise a limper but called from blinds

    Title kind of explains most of it. I raise it up with 44 from MP against an UTG limp, get called from the SB, and UTG limper folds. Solid play from a shortstack. The flop is pretty ugly for my hand, so I elect not to cbet hen he checks to me, I think this flop hits him more than it does me. So I am comfortable with that line. Same reasons on the turn as on the flop, if I was behind then, I am still behind now, and he could have some pair + draw type hands on the flop which this improved, thinking hands like T9 suited or unsuited. This checks through again. River is a 4, giving me a FH, and putting me ahead of all two pair, trips, flopped straights that slowplayed. I am way behind J9/Q9, I find JJ/QQ fairly hard to believe, I think they would (Or should) have bet at some point before river. Villain leads out for what is essentially a pot sized bet, although it is an overbet, but I felt it was unlikely I was behind given the overall play of the hand. I chose to raise it up. Is the raise too thin? I think he can call with worse here. Slowplayed straights, two pair, trip 9's. When he raises/shoves river, is this a snap call, or a sigh fold if we give him credit for a better FH? I'm perfectly comfortable with how I played flop and turn.

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    Hand is well played.

    No way is the river raise too thin. We are so underrepped and if he comes over the top I think we should still call. He'd bet any value combos that beat us OTT.


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      I'm not sure about the river raise actually. The thing is what hands can call us that we beat that did not bet the turn? So their river bet is either going to be a bluff or a hand like JJ, 99. I don't know if KT would call in the SB to an iso raise. I doubt TT would call a raise too so when we raise we will fold bluffs and hands we beat and get re-raised by the rare JJ & 99. I'm going to go for a river call.
      Maybe click it back to get called by a AQ? and fold to a shove?

      I'm gonna keep this one open till we hear more input.


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        Villains at lower limits make mistakes of calling too wide.

        To exploit this we raise/value bet thinner.


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          Hi all,

          I like the raise almost as much as I like the hand #.

          We have no reads I guess but I still like it.

          If the villain is a weaker or rec player, like birdayy said, they pay off too much.

          If the villain is of the better genre, then they are probably trying to range us, and I think that bodes well for our case of raising. Our raise will look like BS. We are repping a very strong hand but all of those should have bet the flop or turn on a wet board, except for our actual holding. So we either have 44 or are just trying to take the pot away. I think this gets us not only more calls from anything that can beat a bluff, but it also opens the door for the villain's bluffs to 3b shove as a re-bluff, if they have this tool in their tool belt.

          Sometimes we are going to get shown JJ or 99 for sure, but imho it's not too thin.
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            Glad you enjoyed the # Dave. As for the hand, I have posted the full hand below, fair to say that the villain has had a note taken on him. I've been trying to work on my river value as I have checked back, check/called, far too often I think when I could have got more value from second best hands. I intended to call a shove if he had made one. EDIT: Just noticed, it doesnt show his hand, he had QcJh.



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