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Cannot fold KK Preflop (MajorLeak?)

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  • Cannot fold KK Preflop (MajorLeak?)

    Iv heard it a million times -

    "You never fold KK preflop"
    "If you even think about folding KK pre your a fish"
    "The only way Im folding KK pre is if he shows me the aces"

    Iv heard this is so many times and its exactly what I say to myself in my head when I have KK - I just got brainwashed to play this way and now Im starting to think this is wrong.

    I only play 25NL 6MAX ZOOM and Im a 4BB/100 player

    Im fairly new at the 25NL so I don't have all the stats on alot of the players yet(Poker Tracker)
    so I cant tell whos a Nit or a Maniac,a reg or a casual.

    The last 8 Times I got KK preflop 5 of them were against aces. thats 125$ down the trash.
    The KK are the only cards I loose this much money with this just unbelievable.

    I want a good explanation why I shouldn't fold KK's preflop to a 5bet 25NL 6max zoom.

    Do you ever fold KK preflop?
    Is taking the chance that he has QQ or AK really worth my 25$ everytime? Maybe I should just fold to a 5bet and take the risk away and get more profitable.

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    I don't think it is a major leak, we are talking about the second best starting hand in NLHE, the only time you should fold it pre-flop is if you can put an opponent on AA, or the chances that he/she has AA is extremely high.

    The links I posted above are to a training session provided by Tyler Frost, Team Online Pro, and he explains that yes, sometimes, it makes sense to fold KK pre-flop.


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      Originally posted by Airburn76 View Post
      I want a good explanation why I shouldn't fold KK's preflop to a 5bet 25NL 6max zoom.
      Because many players will be stacking off QQ+/AK (or worse), and your KK has 57% equity versus that range.
      If you've been running into AA exclusively, it's just variance. I assure you that villains will stack off 100bb with worse.
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