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5nl zoom TPTK facing a turn check/raise

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  • 5nl zoom TPTK facing a turn check/raise

    Stats over 37 hands 39/28 3b 23.1 wtsd 42 maybe I should have folded the turn? are there only trips and boats in his range? What would you do ott and otr?

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    against 3bet 23 I 4bet fold, if decided to call I would fold OTT, it looks like slow play OTF with KK-AA or 22, less possible QQ. I wouldn't fold OTR though.
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      With such a high 3-bet % I think flatting in this spot is fine as would 4-betting be, but you need to be careful about the sample. 25% with just 4 spots isn't much while 25% with 10 or even 20 spots is pretty active. If you feel like he is messing around a lot I wouldn't plan on folding postflop anywhere and play the hand the same way. You could also consider checking back turn if unsure as you may only get one more street of value from worse like JJ/TT or a bluff with AK anyway and don't risk exposing yourself to that nasty check/raise.
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        Strange line. OTT when we get x/r I would jam or fold. Villains line doesn't make any sense. I don't see him playing 8x this way it looks like a strong Q. (AQ, KQ, QJ) If he checked the flop with overpairs, then he's really bad. Also if he checked a set, this is also pretty bad. Just get it in OTT and make a note of what the villain shows up with. I don't see you being behind here very often.


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          yeah, assigned him a note that says 3betting with 87o



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